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what kind of color should be chosen for the reading table lamp

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The color temperature and brightness of the reading table lamp will affect your reading experience, eye fatigue and sleep cycle. In order to have a good reading environment and experience, how should we choose?

First of all, we need to understand what color temperature is. Color temperature is a physical quantity. The color of the light source is measured optically. The unit of color temperature is k, Kelvin. Generally speaking, the color change is a gradual process, that is, the process of red-orange-red-yellow-yellow-white-white-blue-white. A lower color temperature means that the light emits red wavelengths and presents a warm color. A high color temperature means that light emits blue wavelengths and displays cool colors.



High color temperature can increase the excitement of the brain, attract people’s attention, and improve alertness and mental activity. In addition, the blue wavelength can also improve the mood of work and study, so it is often used in office learning environments such as offices, hospitals, and classrooms. However, long-term exposure to a cold white environment with high color temperature will affect people’s sleep quality at night.

On the contrary, a warm yellow environment with a low color temperature will make people feel warm and comfortable. Suitable for reading in the bedroom or living room before going to bed. Although it can relax the body and mind, long-term use will reduce concentration and cause fatigue.
How to choose the right  reading table lamp.

1. Light temperature:
If you want to relax while reading, it is best to use warm yellow lights. It is usually used in the living room, bedroom or coffee shop. If you are reading in a study or office, it is best to use cold white light. Generally used in study rooms, offices and other places.


2. Light intensity:
Too dark bulbs can cause eye fatigue and affect concentration and reading ability. If the light bulb is too bright, it is easy to dazzle people, hinder your attention, affect your mood in the office or study. Therefore, we need to choose a suitable desk lamp according to the size of the space. If it is used in a study or office, the local light intensity needs to reach about 750-1000 illuminance; if it is used for relaxing reading, the local light intensity needs to reach about 500-850 illuminance.

3. Lamp position:
If the light of the reading lamp is too high, the lighting may not be bright enough or easily cause glare; if the light is too dark, the reading lamp may hinder our work and study, or the brightness of reading is not enough; if the light comes from the back of the person, although the direction of the light is Correct, but if the color temperature is too low, it can easily cause drowsiness.

Therefore, when choosing a reading lamp, pay attention to the choice of light position. It is best to choose one that can adjust the brightness and angle.

These are the introductions above. I hope you can choose the right light and have a pleasant reading environment.

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