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What is the difference between reading table lamp and ordinary table lamp?

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In the learning process, people are more inclined to buy reading table lamps. So, from those aspects can we understand the difference between reading table lamps and ordinary table lamps? Especially in the daily life of students, what role does the reading lamp play?

Currently on the market, the lamp body of the reading table lamp is simple and lightweight, and the height of the lamp pole, the direction of light and the brightness can be adjusted. Technically, it needs to have the following characteristics: high illuminance, harmless blue light, no video flicker, uniformity, wide lighting range, soft ambient light, high color rendering index, and natural color temperature. However, ordinary table lamps lack some necessary elements in terms of technology and parameters. Students do not protect their eyes and relieve eye fatigue during use.

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According to international standards, the blue light hazard safety level of LED light source products is divided into four levels: RG0 no blue light, RG1 low blue light, RG2 medium blue light, RG3 high blue light. According to our national standard “Performance Requirements for Reading and Writing Desk Lamps”, the blue light hazard category of reading desk lamps should not exceed RG0.

Read the characteristics of the lamp.
(1) The brightness of white light, which is similar to natural light, is stable, does not flicker, and does not cause eye fatigue.
(2) The light-emitting area is large, it is not easy to produce harmful glare and affect the eyesight in a large area.
(3) There is a bright spot in an instant, and there is no sound after the bright spot.
(4) Compared with ordinary incandescent lamps, it can save electricity by 80%, and the average bulb life can reach more than 6000 hours.

Nowadays, many parents do not know how to choose when buying reading table lamps for their children. How to choose eye protection lamps for students has become a problem for them. There are many brands of eye protection lamps on the market, and the price gap is also very large. Pay attention to practical functions when choosing a reading lamp. Generally speaking, you can choose 15W~18W energy-saving lamps, high-frequency high-frequency lamps, and electronic circuits that eliminate electromagnetic radiation. Don’t misunderstand products that unilaterally increase brightness. For more details, please visit:

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