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The purpose of the table lamp is to enhance the lighting of the room, mainly to increase the interior decoration. And desk or study lamps are more limited in their ability to provide task lights – they are used for specific tasks like reading, studying, and computer work. A table lamp is a light source that stands on a table or any piece of furniture. In the lamp series, the table lamp is the simplest lighting solution. With the perfect bulb type, shade, shape and color, modern contemporary table lamps can serve as sources of direct or diffused light to enhance ambience settings. One thing all desk lamps have in common is their portability – they offer convenience and can be moved from one place to another effortlessly. And, yes, you don’t need an electrician for your desk lamps – they come with a handy cord and plug. The invention of the wireless desk lamp further eliminated the use of wires, cords and plugs. The usb table lamp is more convenient for mobile phones or other usb electronic products.



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