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Led lamp 1. Energy-saving: The power consumption of the same brightness is 1/4 of that of ordinary energy-saving lamps.
2. Environmental protection: It does not contain harmful substances such as mercury, and does not pollute the environment. (Experts pointed out that the mercury contained in a fluorescent energy-saving lamp can pollute tons of water).
3. Economical: The cost of lighting can be recovered in one and a half years due to saving electricity and reducing electricity bills. A family can save tens of yuan in electricity bills a month.
3. Low carbon: Saving electricity is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions.
4. Longevity type: The lifespan of LED lamps is 50,000 hours, six hours a day, which is 20 years of life.

Spotlights are mostly used to enhance the lighting of decorative objects. They are usually embedded in ceilings or walls, and they generally emit higher temperatures when they are installed. Therefore, high-quality products must be purchased, otherwise, there will be potential safety hazards.


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