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Track light gu10 fixed-point lighting highlights product features

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The use of lamps is to facilitate people’s lives, and various types of lamps have been developed according to the different environments in which they are used. The track light gu10 is used in major business places. In order to create different use effects and present different modeling characteristics, track lights have become the main way of display. And gu10 is the specification of the lamp, the corresponding product is installed in the same type of base, so that it can be used normally.

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The use of track lights is generally based on spotlights, that is to say, the light source is illuminated in a straight line at a characteristic point, so in the shopping mall, we can see that there will be spotlights on specific displayed products to highlight the products. Characteristics. In some high-end consumer environments, different track lights are also used to achieve on-site lighting. As for the maintenance of track lights, do not press the switch frequently, because the temperature of the filament will rise sharply through the action of the current at the moment when the lamp is started, and the number of times of use will increase due to the countless times of use. And reduce the life span of use. The second is not to change the track light accessories at will, because they are special accessories that match each other, and the replacement may cause damage to the light or no electricity.

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Gu10 refers to the lamp holder model, which is a more commonly used type. When selecting track lights, you can choose the corresponding bulb according to the lamp holder model. In this way, the track light gu10 can meet the needs of lighting.



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