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The table lamp with bluetooth speaker makes your boring life become passionate

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Have you ever wished your table lamp could do more for you? After all, it does take up major space on your table. This space can be used to place favorite ornaments or potted plants. If you want a table lamp that does more than just illuminate your workspace, you should check out the home-luce table lamp with bluetooth speaker.



When the bluetooth speaker is combined with the table lamp
A good wireless bluetooth speaker (with table lamp function) can add vitality and passion to the otherwise boring life.
Wireless table lamp speaker, a product with dual functions of Bluetooth speaker and eye protection table lamp, not only has touch stepless dimming, but also integrates a high-fidelity Bluetooth speaker with excellent sound quality, and has a built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, which can provide full brightness 10 hours, 20 hours at 50% brightness.
Wide range of uses
This novel table lamp is a night light, table lamp and bluetooth speaker all in one, filling your space with warm music and light, bringing convenience and romance.
Equipped with powerful speakers that can handle a wide range of music and pitches, such as pop, modern or classic, with impressive quality, clear highs, strong bass and balanced mids.
We have table lamps in two sizes to suit all your bedside, reading or study lighting needs.
Suitable for various occasions, such as bedroom, living room, study, office, dormitory, etc. Also perfect for gift giving.



Choose a modern table lamp that protects your eyes
If you don’t have the right light bulbs installed, the lamp can dazzle your eyes. Fortunately, this Bluetooth table lamp uses LED soft light. It doesn’t matter whether you study until the wee hours or work on a cloudy day; with this light, you can see everything clearly.
Such a table lamp that can not only protect your eyes but also bring warmth to your life, contact us immediately and you should have it too.

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