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The main decoration style of common indoor lighting gu10 bulbs

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The gu10 light bulb has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, and has always been a favorite and purchase object of consumers. This should not only comply with national policies: energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and safe electricity policy. At the same time, gu10 bulbs have a long service life, well-adjusted luminosity, and effectively protect the eyes from excessive sunlight, which may cause irritation and damage to the eyes. Choose different lighting colors for different occasions, which has the effect of setting off the atmosphere. Therefore, led gu10 bulb have become the choice of home decoration bulbs, so let’s introduce the main decoration styles of gu10 bulbs.

1. Quiet and comfortable
This is the main trend of contemporary indoor lighting. There are many options: you can choose a simple ceiling lamp, which emits milky white light, reflecting the light wall of the bedroom, pure; the eaves can be used for lighting, and the light can be reflected through the ceiling or wall, which is very soft and pleasant; it can also be installed and embedded Ceiling lamp, matched with civilian wall lamp, makes the direct light of the “stars in the sky” and the auxiliary light of “hazy” complement each other, making it more elegant and warm.

2. Luxurious style
Show the financial resources and identity of the owner. High-quality materials and high-quality lighting match the luxurious interior layout. The combination of golden candlelight and baroque style furniture can even show the atmosphere of the French palace, magnificent and dazzling. If you choose high-end mahogany lighting with exquisite workmanship, exquisite materials, and exquisite shapes, coupled with simple mahogany furniture, you will have an extraordinary bearing and show the owner’s strong national sentiment and economic strength.

3. Modern avant-garde
Pursue freedom and freedom, the fusion of geometric figures and lines, to create new lamps in Chengdu, breaking through traditional concepts and reflecting advanced consciousness. The wall lamp on the wall can be triangular, diamond or irregular; the table lamp on the table can be semicircular or linear; the spotlight has black and white corners; the floor lamp extends out like a bird. arm. Everything looks simple and unique, giving people surprises and surprises. Coupled with the simple bedroom furniture, it shows the unique taste and pursuit of modern people. Because the bedroom usually has two functions of rest and work, it needs low illuminance when resting and sufficient illuminance when working. In order to meet the requirements of the two lighting functions, two methods can be used: one is to install a high dimmer to control the brightness of the lamps; the other is to control the switches of various lights in the room, and determine the number of lights to be turned on according to needs.


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Home is the warmest haven, home is the station of life, home is the home of emotions. For interior lighting decoration, we still have to have our own requirements and favorite styles to decorate into our favorite home.

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