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The importance of study table lamp

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The study room is a quiet space, and everyone likes to read or work quietly in the study room. If the study room is simple and quiet and well lit, I think you will fall in love with the study very quickly. In fact, the most important lamp in the study is the table lamp. Let’s talk about it with you below.
Why put a table lamp in the study
The study is the place where people work and study, and it is also the place that consumes the most eyes, so we must pay attention to the choice of lamps, not only to be comfortable and beautiful but also to consider the acceptance of people’s eyesight. A few points to pay special attention to in the study table lamp:
1. The first consideration in the selection of study lamps is that the lighting should not be too gorgeous, and the soft lighting can not only meet the above requirements but also create a warm atmosphere.



The decorative effect should not be underestimated, and the decorative effect will affect our work and study mood to a certain extent. Comfortable and natural light and sufficient light sources bring us a space for quiet work and study. Of course, there will be different feelings, different moods, and different levels of enjoyment.
The choice of study lamps can be more distinctive. You can choose according to your work or study interests. In this way, it may give you unique imagination and innovation ability at some point, which is a bit more novel. Of course, it must match the environment of the study to be more comfortable.


In terms of light, the lighting in the study is generally direct lighting or semi-direct lighting, so we need to find a good angle at this time. Generally, the upper left shoulder is the most suitable position. Generally, a table lamp with high brightness, but not dazzling, is placed in front of the desk. At this time, soft white light is the best choice for lighting fixtures, so as not to cause visual fatigue and achieve the best use effect.

In the study room, it is recommended to choose a lamp with a rounded shape, so that it will not cause mental fatigue to the readers.
The above is our sharing, I hope you can also have a table lamp of your own. If you don’t know how to choose, contact us now!

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