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The impact of reading table lamp on daily life

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reading table lamps are a non-negligible existence for a family, because ordinary lighting is not suitable for long-term reading, study and work needs. Especially young people, if the lamp is not selected well during the learning process, it is easy to suffer from myopia. Reading/writing is done with eyes at close range, and the requirements for light are very high. The appropriate brightness is in a small range (about 300Lx) and must be sufficiently stable. In residential areas, if there is a need for reading/writing, in addition to ceiling lamps, there should be table lamps to fill the books/desktops. Lamps must also distinguish between daily lamps and learning lamps.

In the process of reading, comfort is the real eye protection. Therefore, the selected reading lamp must have the following characteristics: high illuminance, no harmful blue light, no video flicker, uniformity, wide lighting range, soft ambient light, high color rendering index, and natural color temperature. The human eye is very sensitive to light perception, so it is more important to optimize the lighting scene and comfortable space.

When we read, the closer the light is to natural light, the more real and natural colors of the objects presented, the more natural and peaceful the light. The color rendering index Ra of natural light is equal to 100. The higher the color rendering index of the light source, the lower the color distortion of the presented object. Therefore, under natural light, it is the closest to the original color of the object.


Although the reading table lamp can technically make your eyes comfortable under the light, but the eyes need to rest after long hours of work and study. At the same time, we put some green plants on the table. Green plants can not only play a decorative role, but also relieve eye fatigue and properly divert the attention of the eyes.

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