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The difference between downlights and spotlights

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1 function
Generally speaking, downlights are ordinary lamps, which mainly play the role of auxiliary lighting in family life. In addition to being installed in the main location of the living room, some downlights will also be installed around the ceiling for decorative purposes. At the same time, it will not occupy the interior space, making the whole living room look particularly atmospheric. Spotlights often play an eye-catching role in an item and can often play a role in creating a family atmosphere. In general, spotlights have been widely used in the design of TV walls and have played a good role in comparison. For people’s family life, it can create a higher-end and more atmospheric home environment.

2. light source
From a light source point of view, floor lamps can be equipped with incandescent bulbs or energy-saving lamps. Incandescent lamps are yellow. When installing CFLs, the type of bulb can be white or yellow. Downlights mounted on the ceiling are fixed and cannot be adjusted, so they can only be fixed to the sun in the same direction. For spotlights, LED bulbs are usually used. Spotlights are more flexible, so you need to freely adjust the direction of light and sunlight.


3. Light Efficiency Requirements
Energy-saving lamps are used inside the downlights. The colors are white and yellow. Diffuse reflection light source, non-condensing, low temperature, belongs to the auxiliary light source, mainly used for lighting, the angle of the light source cannot be adjusted. It is often used around walkways, bedrooms, and living rooms. Spotlights used in home decoration are divided into built-in spotlights and exposed spotlights. Generally used in the living room, bedroom, TV background wall, wine cabinet, shoe cabinet, etc.


4. Safety downlights are safer than spotlights.
Under normal circumstances, wool fabrics cannot be illuminated with spotlights at close range, and there should be no flammable obstacles at close range, otherwise, it is easy to cause a fire. Downlights won’t have much impact in this regard.

The easiest way to check the difference between spotlights and downlights is to check their prices. Generally speaking, the price of spotlights and downlights of the same grade and quality is higher than that of downlights. Spotlights and downlights come in many styles. Different sizes and prices are different. Although spotlights are more expensive than led downlights, they are not much more expensive. The spread is usually between a few dollars to a dozen dollars.

Installation location
In most cases, downlights are mounted on the ceiling. Of course, external downlights are also installed in a few cases. Different types of spotlights are suitable for different installation positions. Spotlights on the market are generally divided into embedded, track, and point-hung. For example, spotlights can be installed next to decorative paintings and backdrop walls to enhance the effect and make the whole space look warmer and more elegant

Spotlight or downlight which is better
Spotlights work similarly to downlights but are usually surface mounted. Spotlights are ideal for directing light to specific objects, such as cabinets or picture frames, and can be used when flush mounting is not an option. Spotlights can come in a wide variety of variants and designs, from single spotlights to double spotlights, three or four spotlights mounted on matching slab tracks. Triple or quadruple spotlights are often used as the only light source in the living room or kitchen
Track lighting systems can be used when a large number of spotlights are required, or when they are used for commercial purposes such as shops. This allows a row of spotlights to be placed along the lighting track, and the spotlights can be moved at any time to suit the environment.

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