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Teach you how to use downlight rotatable

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How to Install Downlights
How to install the downlight, and punch a round hole in the ceiling according to the size of the opening; unplug the power cord and connect it with the power cord of the lamp. Note that the wiring must be firm and not easy to loosen.
Hold the two sides of the lamp installation shrapnel by hand, press toward the middle, align with the installation hole, and push it into the ceiling;
When disassembling the lamp, please turn off the power, hold the lamp socket with your hand, hold down the cover, and pull down firmly. How to Install Downlights – Precautions for installing downlights. Immediately after unpacking the downlight, check that the product is in good condition. In the event of any non-human failure or failure caused by the requirements specified in the specification, it may be returned to the retailer or directly to the manufacturer for replacement.



Before installation, cut off the power and make sure the switch is closed to prevent electric shock. After the light is on, do not touch the surface of the light.
The lamp should be avoided to be installed in heat sources and places with hot steam and corrosive gases, so as not to affect its service life. Before use, please confirm the applicable power supply according to the installed quantity.
For aesthetics, ask professional lighting installers to install downlights. Connect the power cord reserved on the ceiling to the downlight according to the electricity specification. Adjust the wing nut that holds the downlight spring so that the height of the spring is the same as the thickness of the ceiling, and then snap the downlight spring vertically into the ceiling opening. Unfold the springs on either side of the downlight and clip it to the back of the ceiling. Finally, replace the bulb and complete the downlight installation.



Downlight life
Of course, it depends on the type of investment you are investing in. Halogen downlights last an average of 2,000 hours. Many find they replace within 12-18 months.
The LED downlight has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which is about 27 years if it is turned on for 5 hours a day. As you can see, these products are more cost effective in the long run.
We still get asked a lot in the store how to replace LED downlights? It depends on whether it’s built in or not. Most now have built-in fixed lights and drivers, as shown in the picture below, when the lights are built in, you can only replace the entire fixture including the downlight driver. The driver is designed to run with just this light, you can’t just buy another driver to run the light, you have to replace the entire downlight kit.
Our downlight rotatable and made of aluminum alloy material. Comes with a 5-year limited warranty with various dimmers. Contact us now.

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