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Table lamp manufacturers teach you how to choose, you can also have a suitable table lamp

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Nowadays, people’s life is inseparable from all kinds of lamps, and only lamps can bring us light. There are many types of lamps on the market, and the functions and decorative effects of different lamps are different.
And table lamps are also very popular now. Table lamps are still very necessary in daily life.
What should you pay attention to when buying a table lamp

The lamp is not bright enough, dazzling, and flickering. These three factors will directly hurt the eyes, causing eye fatigue and myopia. Poor color rendering and wrong use of light color, these two factors may not directly hurt the eyes, but they will make the eyes feel uncomfortable.



What are the precautions for using table lamps?

1. Some things that are easy to be burned by fire, do not approach the lamp to prevent emergencies. And, when wiping the lamp, – be sure to remember

It is necessary to cut off the power supply before proceeding, and it is best not to use a rag in a dripping state to wipe it, so as to prevent the consequences of electric shock.
It is necessary to cut off the power supply before proceeding, and it is best not to use a rag in a dripping state to wipe it, so as to prevent the consequences of electric shock.

2. When changing the lamp tube of the table lamp, you must select the power required by it, otherwise, the service life of the table lamp will be shortened. Also, when installing one.

Be sure to pay attention to the power failure, and check whether it is really installed, so as not to drop it suddenly during use, which will bring hidden dangers to us. Also, do not touch it when it is just extinguished or during use. Lamp tube, to prevent the situation of being scalded, and do not use the lamp in an environment where the temperature is too high.



How to choose a good bedside table lamp

1. Match according to the role

As a part of the bedroom lighting, the bedside table lamp mainly reflects the lighting effect, not only can provide the role of reading on the bedside, but also have lighting functions such as changing clothes and dressing. It is also necessary to emphasize the warmth of the overall atmosphere of the bedroom and the role of making the room more beautifying. Therefore, the bedside table lamp should be selected to focus on the functions of general lighting, local lighting and decorative lighting.

2. Match the tone and light

Generally speaking, the bedside table lamp should choose the light of warm color and neutral color, such as goose yellow, milky white, orange. Eye discomfort from reading before bed.

3. Selection of light source and optical properties

Bedside table lamps mainly include incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and halogen tungsten lamps. We choose the matching according to personal preferences, because their light colors and degrees are different. The optical performance requirements should also be considered when making the selection, which is mainly reflected in the requirements of shading, desktop illuminance, and illuminance uniformity.
The above is the choice of table lamps. As a table lamp manufacturer, I hope you can choose a table lamp that suits you.

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