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What kind of downlight is better for consumers, and how to choose downlights manufacturers

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Not sure how to decorate your home or business next? LED downlights can add beauty to any space. China’s LED downlight manufacturers and suppliers have a wide range of designs, styles, and technologies. What’s more, they are one of the most trusted suppliers in the international market.

What is LED downlight?

LED downlights, aka can lights, are ceiling accessories that can be seamlessly mounted on walls. It creates a stylish look that changes the mood of the room. Like other lighting aesthetics, LED downlights are a decisive factor in the success or failure of space decoration.

LED downlights are also extremely durable compared to traditional alternatives. Therefore, it performs better and saves money in the long run.

Some of the best LED downlights can last up to 50,000 hours.




designer downlight

Recently, some clients fell in love with an LED downlight from a well-known design company and wanted to incorporate it into their lighting scheme.

The fittings are beautiful, the light source is backwards (always recommended), the gold domed interior and minimal trim provides all the benefits of no-frills without the complicated plaster. In addition, the accessories feature a variety of integratable functions such as beam angle, color temperature, CRI, light source and dimming protocols.


Halogen vs. LED Downlights – Wattage

In terms of wattage, you want downlights that are both energy efficient and provide high beam. Therefore, we encourage you to use LED downlights.

An average 10W LED downlight produces twice as much light as a 55W halogen lamp. In terms of energy savings, the best options are LEDs that range from as low as 4.5 watts to 14 watts.



color temperature

As a general guide, when choosing LED downlights rooms tend to be very hot, such as indoors. In the kitchen or laundry room, cool white is ideal.
However, if you want a warm and intimate space, such as a living room or bedroom, warm downlights are better than cool white downlights. We recommend the Natural White 4000K as a good all-rounder. It’s cool, clean, and feels warm, but it doesn’t overwhelm your eyes — it’s like you have natural skylights through the ceiling.

If you want to have more high-quality downlights, please contact us.

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