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уградно довнлигхт диммабле-ДЛ-19-Д-10В

DL-19 Deep Anti-glare Downlight
Ра97/Фулл Спецтрум (Сунлигхт)/Дим то Варм је опционо
Deep Anti-glare to make eyes more comfortable
Животни век до 50.000 сати, покривено ограниченом гаранцијом од 5 година
Не може се затамнити са Лифуд екстерним драјвером
Димабле витх Хоме Лите екстерни драјвер за затамњивање може да буде компатибилан са различитим димерима
Без треперења са СВМ-ом<0.4
Very stable and easy connection for driver box wiring
ИП54, погодан за влажне локације

Расхладни елемент – легура алуминијума
Рефлектор- ПЦ
Боја завршне обраде – бела/црна
Предња и задња ивица се могу затамнити

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  • Доказ о квалитету
  • Customer Service
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2. recessed downlight dimmable

3. one head downlight dimmable

Ставка бр. DL-19-D-10W
Возач External Dimming Driver
Снага 10W
Светлосни флукс 750lm
Цолор Рендеринг Ра90 (Ра97 је опционо)
Беам Англе 15/24/36/60
Угао нагиба /
Диммабле ДА
Температура боје 2700К/3000К/4000К/6500К
Топлотни издув Легура алуминијума
Рефлектор ПЦ
Извор светлости ЦОБ
Боја тела лампе Бело црно
Улазни напон (В) АЦ220~240В
СДЦМ 3 корака
Гаранција 5 година
Треперење Без треперења
Фактор снаге 0. 85
Диммабилити Леадинг Едге & Траилинг Едге
Величина φ90*49mm
Величина изреза φ82~83mm
Инсталл Ваи Рецессед
Животни век 50,000хрс
ИП Рате ИП54
Примедбе Dim to Warm/ Full Spectrum is optional


A recessed downlight is a lighting fixture that is installed in a ceiling, creating a seamless and sleek look. A dimmable recessed downlight is a fixture that can be adjusted to emit different levels of brightness to suit your lighting needs and preferences.

Recessed downlights typically use LED technology to produce light, which is energy-efficient and has a longer lifespan than traditional lighting sources. They are available in a range of color temperatures, from warm to cool white, to suit different lighting needs and preferences.

Dimmable recessed downlights are designed to allow you to adjust the brightness level to create the desired ambiance. They can be adjusted using a dimmer switch, which can be installed separately or built into the fixture.


The advantages of dimmable recessed downlights include:

1.Energy efficiency: LED recessed downlights use less energy than traditional lighting sources, resulting in lower energy bills and reduced carbon footprint.

2.Long lifespan: LED recessed downlights last longer than traditional lighting sources, reducing the need for frequent replacements and lowering maintenance costs.

3.Instant on: LED recessed downlights turn on instantly, without any warm-up time, unlike some traditional lighting sources.

4.Directional lighting: Recessed downlights provide directional lighting, which can be ideal for highlighting specific areas or creating a focal point in a room.

5.Customizable brightness: Dimmable recessed downlights allow you to adjust the brightness level to create the desired ambiance.

6.Easy installation: Recessed downlights are typically easy to install, and retrofit options are available to upgrade existing fixtures.


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