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довнлигхт твинс-ДЛ-09-Д-15В

DL-09 Square Recessed Downlight--Dual
Ра97/Фулл Спецтрум (Сунлигхт)/Дим то Варм је опционо
Животни век до 50.000 сати, покривено ограниченом гаранцијом од 5 година
Не може се затамнити са Лифуд екстерним драјвером
Димабле витх Хоме Лите екстерни драјвер за затамњивање може да буде компатибилан са различитим димерима
Угао нагиба: вертикално + -25 степени, хоризонтално + - 350 степени
Подржан је угао снопа пуног опсега
Без треперења са СВМ-ом<0.4
Very stable and easy connection for driver box wiring
ИП54, погодан за влажне локације

Расхладни елемент – легура алуминијума
Рефлектор- ПЦ
Боја завршне обраде – бела/црна
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Назив производа 1. LED downlight dimmable square dual-recessed

2. downlight two heads

3. downlight twins

Ставка бр. DL-09-D-15W
Возач External Dimming Driver
Снага 15W
Светлосни флукс 1100lm
Цолор Рендеринг Ра90 (Ра97 је опционо)
Беам Англе 15/24/36/60
Угао нагиба ±350°
Диммабле ДА
Температура боје 2700К/3000К/4000К/6500К
Топлотни издув Легура алуминијума
Рефлектор ПЦ
Извор светлости ЦОБ
Боја тела лампе Бело црно
Улазни напон (В) АЦ220~240В
СДЦМ 3 корака
Гаранција 5 година
Треперење Без треперења
Фактор снаге 0. 85
Диммабилити /
Величина 174*94*41mm
Величина изреза φ85*2,L=80mm
Инсталл Ваи Рецессед
Животни век 50,000хрс
ИП Рате ИП54
Примедбе Dim to Warm/Full Spectrum is optional


“Downlight twins” generally refer to two downlights installed close to each other to provide a greater level of illumination in a space. The twin downlights can be installed side-by-side or one above the other, depending on the design and layout of the space.

Twin downlights can be particularly useful for areas that require more focused lighting, such as workspaces, kitchens, or task areas. They can also be used to create a more dramatic lighting effect, for example, when used to highlight a particular feature in a room, such as a piece of artwork or architectural detail.

Twin downlights can be installed using the same fixtures and techniques as a single downlight, with the addition of a second fixture and bulb. They can be controlled independently or together, depending on the specific lighting needs of the space.


Downlight twins Advantage:

1.Increased illumination: Two downlights installed close to each other can provide a greater level of illumination than a single downlight. This can be useful in areas that require more focused lighting, such as workspaces, kitchens, or task areas.

2.Flexibility: Twin downlights can be used for a variety of lighting purposes, including general illumination, task lighting, and accent lighting. They can also be used in different settings, such as homes, offices, retail stores, and restaurants.

3.Design versatility: Twin downlights can be installed side-by-side or one above the other, depending on the design and layout of the space. This allows for greater flexibility in terms of placement and can be used to create a more dramatic lighting effect.

4.Clean, modern look: Like single downlights, twin downlights create a sleek, streamlined look in a space and can help to create a more modern and sophisticated atmosphere.

5.Adjustable brightness: Many twin downlights can be dimmed to provide adjustable levels of brightness, which can be useful for creating different moods or for use during different times of the day.

6.Energy efficiency: LED twin downlights are highly energy-efficient and can consume up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. This can result in significant savings on electricity bills over time.


Downlight twins Application:

1.Task lighting: Twin downlights can provide bright, focused illumination for specific tasks, such as cooking in the kitchen, reading in a home office, or grooming in a bathroom.

2.Accent lighting: Twin downlights can be used to highlight particular features or objects in a space, such as artwork, sculptures, or architectural details.

3.General illumination: Twin downlights can provide general lighting for a room when installed throughout the space, providing an even distribution of light.

4.Retail lighting: Twin downlights can be used in retail settings to highlight products or displays, creating a bright, eye-catching effect.

5.Hospitality lighting: Twin downlights can be used in hotels, restaurants, and bars to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, providing a warm and inviting glow.

6.Office lighting: Twin downlights can be used in offices to provide task lighting or general illumination, helping to increase productivity and create a comfortable and efficient work environment.

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