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Sigor table lamp factory provides indoor lighting lamps commonly used in the market

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Indoor lighting projects mainly include indoor commercial lighting projects and indoor home lighting projects. Commercial lighting projects include museum lighting, art gallery lighting, exhibition hall lighting, department store lighting, hotel lighting, office lighting, shop lighting, catering lighting and other commercial scenes. Indoor lighting projects mainly include villa lighting, home lighting and other scenes. Commercial lighting manufacturer Minghong Lighting is like a commonly used lighting fixture when introducing indoor lighting projects.

Commonly used lamps in commercial lighting projects are generally LED light sources. Compared with traditional lamps, LED lamps have the characteristics of energy saving, long life and high stability. Therefore, LED lamps have replaced traditional lamps and become commonly used lamps in commercial lighting projects. Although it is widely used in commercial lighting projects, it can generally be divided into three categories, namely LED downlights, LED spotlights.

LED downlight is a new type of LED lighting source. Its design is beautiful and lightweight, and it can maintain the overall unity and perfection of the architectural decoration during installation, without destroying the installation of the lamps. The light source is hidden inside the building decoration, not exposed, not glare, and the human visual effect is soft and uniform. Therefore, LED downlights are generally used for indoor lighting in shopping malls, offices, factories, and hospitals.

LED spotlights are highly concentrated spotlights with specific targets. Mainly used for special lighting, emphasizing the main points of the lighting project. LED lighting can also be said to be one of the lighting appliances widely used in indoor commercial lighting spaces. LED lighting can be widely used in various scenes such as museum lighting, exhibition hall lighting, store lighting, hotel lighting and so on. Indoor scenes need accent lighting.

There are more than a few indoor lighting lamps explained above on the market. If you want more information in this regard, you can follow our Sigor table lamp factory for the latest news.
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