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Home Lite has been deeply involved in the lighting industry, hiring well-known designer with Red Dot award, and launched series of high-quality products. Home Lite has cultivated and gathered a strong R&D team with excellent talent on industrial design, optical design, structural design, electronic design and other aspects, having the ability to quickly customize high-level lighting products for customers, having rich practical experience and core technology patents.

ODM ability

Home Lite has developed steadily. The team has 15 years’ experience in the lighting industry. The team has long-term ODM experience for famous international brands, has mastered the core resources of high-quality supply chain, and is committed to continuous improvement of product quality and services. Our product design and quality is always higher than local national and regional mandatory standards and gained market recognition with the reputation of quality.


Home Lite trade the quality as the most important things, when design the new products we tested from different aspects, and most products do CE test in Dekra Lab. We do 4-24hours aging test for every lamp before the dispatch. The company is in a period of rapid development, with an annual production capability of 1.5 million pieces of fixtures. In the future, but with very slim complain.

shallow led downligh

What are the advantages of led downlights
1. Energy saving: The energy consumption of white LEDs is only 1/10 of incandescent lamps, and 2/5 of energy-saving lamps. Longevity: The theoretical life of LEDs can exceed 100,000 hours, which can be described as “once and for all” for ordinary household lighting. 2. It can work at high speed: if the energy-saving lamp is frequently started or turned off, the filament will turn black and be damaged quickly.

Choose downlights first look at style and appearance

Although the design of downlights is generally relatively simple, but the appearance is still there, and Panasonic has done a good job in this regard. In this era of looking at the appearance of everything, it is more important to choose a lamp that looks good to you.

The selection of downlights also needs to look at the quality. Downlights are generally composed of light sources. Now they are generally composed of LED lamp beads, drivers, lamp cups and other structural components. Pay attention to the quality of these parts. LED lamp beads are mainly about brightness and life, the driver is mainly about the stability of current, and the lamp cup is mainly about heat dissipation and robustness.

Generally speaking, the workmanship is insufficient. For example, whether the shell material is made of aluminum, of course, there are materials that have better heat dissipation than aluminum, but they are usually expensive and not conventional products.

our product shallow led downligh

Latest shallow led downligh News

  • dressing table lamp
    dressing table lamp

    Ambient Light: Since the vanity has a mirror, natural light is best for maintaining proper visibility and helping you with your grooming. You can take advantage of natural light by using ambient lighting. Natural lighting is the best light source for a study. Natural lighting is the best option for controlling vision. It minimizes stress when reading and writing. One solution (and my personal favorite) is to use a dressing table lamp. Drape them around a mirror for a delicate touch, but also clear enough for makeup. Flower lamps are perfect for a retro look. However, rope lights are perfect for wrapping around table legs, mirrors and even chairs. You want your vanity to provide everything you need, including in an accessible space and, if possible, in natural light. If you have a large reclaimed wood bed taking up most of your space, your desk may need to be squeezed into a smaller space. From modern to contemporary, minimal to rustic, there are a variety of styles to create a stylish bedroom that is relaxed and inviting. Essentially, you want your vanity to support your chosen style, complementing it rather than detracting from it.

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  • music table lamp
    music table lamp

    Looking for a unique and special gift for a musician or music lover? Look no further than the music table lamp! This lamp is designed to look like a music sheet with a lightbulb in the center that creates a beautiful glow. It makes a perfect addition to any music lover's home and is a great way to show your appreciation for their passion. This music table lamp is the perfect gift for any musician or music lover. It is a great addition to any music lover's home and allows them to enjoy their music even when they're not listening to it. The lamp has a built-in speaker that plays music from any Bluetooth-enabled device, so you can listen to your favorite songs while you relax or work. It also has a built-in light that provides a soft, relaxing glow.

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  • chinese bedroom wireless lamp manufacturer
    chinese bedroom wireless lamp manufacturer

    We are a young and dynamic manufacturer specializing in producing high quality LED lamps. Our focus on innovation and customer satisfaction has quickly become a leader in the LED lighting industry. Our products are designed to meet the needs of consumers in both the domestic and commercial markets. From bedroom lamps to office lighting, Chinese bedroom wireless lamp manufacturer has something to offer everyone. Our commitment to quality and customer service has earned them a reputation for excellence, and we continue to work hard to maintain that reputation. With a team of experienced engineers and designers, Chinese bedroom wireless lamp manufacturer is poised for continued success in the years to come. home-luce is a professional Chinese bedroom wireless lamp manufacturer. We offer high quality LED lights, including table lamps and downlights. High quality, affordable and innovative bedroom wireless lamps. Our lamps are designed to make your bedroom more comfortable and stylish. With our products, you can create the perfect bedroom atmosphere for relaxation and sleep. Our products are ideal for anyone looking for an affordable, high-quality LED lighting solution. We offer a wide range of products to suit any budget or lifestyle.

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  • portable luminaire table lamp bulb
    portable luminaire table lamp bulb

    I like warm point light sources, but there are too few places to place lamps in my home. In the past year, I have focused on various portable small table lamps with USB interfaces. In this way, you can take it wherever you go, and light it anytime, anywhere ➕ Create an atmosphere! If you look around the room, you will notice an amazing amount of lighting. Not to mention ceilings, kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, hallways, hallways… all these lights will be in place. What about on the table? You might think you don't need it because of the light in the room, but it's surprisingly dark at hand. While reading, use a computer, make plastic models, cut nails. Anyway, I want to keep my hands bright. The appearance of this table lamp is to be more portable. Compared with the traditional rechargeable table lamp, its mobility is increased, and it provides greater convenience for the requirements of some special groups. The advantages of the table lamp are that it is flexible, can be moved anytime and anywhere, the light source has good directionality, and can be illuminated on demand; sufficient illumination, DC power supply, no stroboscopic, no electromagnetic radiation; green environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving.

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  • smart bedside lamp size
    smart bedside lamp size

    A bedside lamp is a great way to get some light when you're in bed. But what if your bedside lamp could also help you sleep better? The Smart Bedside Lamp is perfect for people who want to get the most out of their sleep. This lamp has a number of features that make it perfect for people who want to get a good night's sleep. It has a timer that can be set to turn off after a certain amount of time, it has a dimmer so you can adjust the light to your liking, and it also has a built-in alarm clock. Plus, it's small enough to fit on any bedside table. Introducing the Smart Bedside Lamp Size! This lamp is perfect for reading in bed or relaxing before bed. It has a smart sensor that detects when you are in bed and automatically turns on, providing just the right amount of light. It also has a timer that can be set to turn off after a set amount of time. Introducing the Smart Bedside Lamp Size! This lamp is perfect for reading in bed or simply relaxing in the dark. With a touch of a button, the lamp will turn on to the brightness you desire. The Smart Bedside Lamp Size is also Bluetooth enabled, so you can control it from your smartphone or tablet. Whether you are looking for a lamp to light up your bedroom or a new addition to your home décor, the Smart...

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  • bedside lamp
    bedside lamp

    Are you looking for a bedside lamp that can protect your eyes? Look no further than our full spectrum LED bedside lamp. Our lamp is made with full-spectrum LEDs, which means that it can protect your eyes fully. In addition, our lamp is IP54 suitable for outdoor use, so you can use it anywhere you like. Our lamp is also powered by two 2,500mAH Li-ion batteries, so it will last a long time. Looking for a lamp that can take a beating? Look no further than our bedside lamp. Our lamp is made of metal to keep good heat dispatch and has a long lifetime. It is also powered by 2*2,500mAH Li-ion Battery. And if that's not enough, our lamp is also IP54 Suitable for outdoor use.

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  • china table lamp wholesalers
    china table lamp wholesalers

    If you're looking for a beautiful and unique addition to your home décor, consider a Chinese table lamp. These lamps are a great way to add a touch of Eastern culture to your home, and they come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your needs. Table lamps are perfect for putting beside a reading chair or bed, as they provide a soft, ambient light that won't strain your eyes. Floor lamps are great for adding extra light to a room, especially if it doesn't have many windows, while desk lamps are perfect for reading or working on the computer. When choosing a lamp, it's important to consider the style of your home and the type of light you need. If you're not sure which style is right for you, ask a friend or family member for their opinion, or visit a lighting store to get some ideas. The importance of table lamps in interior design. Table lamps are often an afterthought when it comes to interior design, but they can play a very important role in the overall look and feel of a room. They can be used to add a splash of color or to add interest to a neutral space. They can also be used to create focal points in a room. Table lamps can be used to light up a space, either by providing general illumination or by highlighting a specific area. They can also be used to create a cozy atmosphere in a...

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  • gu10 gimbal downlight suppliers
    gu10 gimbal downlight suppliers

    How to choose the right gu10 gimbal downlight for your home There are many factors to consider when choosing the right gu10 gimbal downlight for your home. You need to consider the size of the room, the type of lighting you need, and the style of lighting. 1. What is gu10 gimbal downlight? A gimbal downlight is a light fixture that uses a rotating arm to direct light. This type of luminaire is often used in recessed lighting applications because it can be easily targeted to a specific area. Gimbal downlights are available in a variety of styles and sizes and can be used to provide ambient and task lighting. 2. What are the benefits of gu10 gimbal downlight? There are many benefits of using gu10 gimbal downlight at home. Some of these benefits include: 1. Increase brightness and improve light distribution. 2. Improve efficiency and reduce energy costs. 3. Reduce heat output and prolong lamp life. 4. More design flexibility. 5. Higher safety and security. 6. Excellent quality and durability. 7. Increase the value and attractiveness of your home. 8. Improve comfort and ambience. 9. Easy installation and low maintenance cost. 10. Peace of mind. 3. How to choose a suitable gimbal downlight? When choosing a pan-tilt downlight, it's important to consider the size of the room, the type of bulb, and the design of the light. For small rooms, a gimbal downlight with a small bulb is a good choice. For larger rooms, pan-tilt downlights with larger bulbs...

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  • bathroom spotlights
    bathroom spotlights

    Looking for a quality waterproof bathroom spotlight supplier? Look no further than this company! Offering a wide range of products that are both high quality and waterproof, this is the perfect company for your needs. With a long history of providing excellent products and customer service, you can be sure that you're in good hands with this company. If you're looking for a quality waterproof bathroom spotlight supplier, you've come to the right place. Our bathroom spotlights are made of the highest quality materials and are perfect for any bathroom setting. Whether you're looking for a traditional or contemporary style, we have the perfect spotlight for you. If you're looking for a quality waterproof bathroom spotlight supplier, then you've come to the right place. At our company, we pride ourselves on providing only the best products available on the market. Our bathroom spotlights are made with high quality materials and are built to last. So if you're looking for a reliable and long lasting bathroom light, then be sure to check out our products.

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  • led down lights for homes
    led down lights for homes

    LED Downlights are one of the most popular products we offer as they are used in a wide range of projects ranging from residential to commercial. LED Downlights can powerfully illuminate a room and upgrade its ambiance. They give a hidden look compared to another lighting since they are often recessed in the ceiling. In fact, our LED downlights offer the unique ability to cast light that seems as if it’s coming directly from the ceiling. As a result, using downlights helps optimize your lighting design, adding sleekness, modernity, and saving space. BENEFITS OF DOWNLIGHTS LED Downlights are not only sleek looking but also functional by design. They are also more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, and thus better for the environment. In addition, with their low voltage, LED downlights to provide higher safety standards compared to halogens.

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