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Seven ways to choose touch control dimmable table lamp

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For office workers and student parties, it is very important to look for high-quality touch-control dimmable table lamps when working and studying at night. At the same time, technically, dimmable table lamps have to play the role of eye protection. For our consumers, how do we distinguish and choose eye-protecting touch dimmable table lamps? Please read the content carefully.

Method one: Color temperature.
According to the requirements of the national “Read and Write Desk Lamp Performance Requirements”, the color temperature shall not exceed 4000K. What is the concept of 4000K color temperature? We understand it as the comfortable and warm sunshine at 8 o’clock in the morning. The color temperature beyond this stage is very harmful to the eyes.

Method two: lighting.
According to national standards, there are two standards: A-level and AA-level. Reaching AA grade is the best for children’s eyes. When our consumers are buying, we need to pay attention to whether the product’s detail page indicates whether it is A-level or AA-level.

Method three: color development.
The country requires the color rendering index to be greater than 82, what is the color rendering index? Careful you, in your daily life, observe the color of the apple under the sun, which is different from the color observed under the indoor light. In a dark room, you may find gorgeous phenomena under the sun. The light restores the color of this apple to the color of indoor sunlight, which is called color rendering. The higher the index, the higher the degree of reduction. Children often study under light with low color rendering index, which will reduce their sensitivity to color, which has a great impact on children who like to paint.


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Method four: Blu-ray.
Speaking of blue light, it is also a factor that many parents worry about. In fact, many people have a misunderstanding of blue light and believe that all blue light is harmful to the eyes.
In fact, short-wave blue light is harmful to the retina, and long-wave blue light can regulate the body’s biological clock and memory. So, how is shortwave blue light produced? Human eyes are too close to the screen and the light. Therefore, when using electronic products and desk lamps, keep your eyes away from the screen and lights, relax and adjust your eyes at a certain time.
In the selection of lighting appliances, the best-selling companies on the market have carried out certain technical treatments on blue light. For example, from the light source of the luminous LED, the method of alternating cold and warm lamp beads is adopted.

Method five: glare.
There is no glare, that is, the light is not reflected on the book, which is related to the way the table lamp emits light. The desk lamps currently on the market have two methods: direct light and side light. Direct light is the way traditional table lamps emit light. The light is usually bright in the center and dark around it. It is still very dazzling to the naked eye. After reading it often, and then looking at other places, you will see a lot of small black things floating in the air. Side light is the light that simulates the continuous reflection and refraction of sunlight in the atmosphere, and finally achieves a soft effect. This kind of light does not sting when looking directly at the eyes, and the refracted light is very uniform.

Method six: flash.
What is a flash? When we often use mobile phones to take computer pictures and TV pictures, flickering lines will appear on the mobile phone. This phenomenon is called blistering. Non-flickering desk lamp means that the phone is facing the light and there will be no flicker.

Method seven: dimming.
The last method that is very important to the user experience is dimming. Because we have different requirements for the brightness of the light in different life scenes. More dimming modes also meet our needs for reading, playing, and painting.



Finally, when choosing a touch dimmable desk lamp, pay attention to whether it has passed the national CQC test report.Home Lite Technology Co., Ltd is committed to becoming a leading home lighting supplier in the industry. Founded in 2019, the company is an advocate of light safety, successively launched Sunlight series, Non-flicker series (Flickering percentage<1%), Dim To Warm series, High Anti-corrosion series, Long Lifespan series, and Fully-compatible Dimming series. As the society has higher requirements for the light environment, Home Lite takes “make light safer and more comfortable” as its mission, and is committed to achieving the vision of “continuous innovation and being the guardian of light safety”.

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