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минималистская настольная лампа-TL-04 Mini

-- Светодиоды полного спектра (солнечный свет) могут полностью защитить глаза;
--IP54 подходит для использования вне помещений;
--Весь корпус сделан из металла, чтобы сохранить хорошую теплоотдачу и долгий срок службы;
--Питание от литий-ионной батареи 2*2500 мАч;
--Проводная зарядка кабелем USB Type C;
--Suitable for Bar, Restaurant, Camping, Living Room, bedroom,Hotel,etc;
-- Индивидуальный цвет доступен;

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наименование товара 1. minimalist table lamps

2. mini table lamp

3. restaurant table lamp

Предмет номер. TL-04 Mini
Способ зарядки Проводная зарядка
Номинальная мощность 2,2 Вт
Входное напряжение 5 В постоянного тока
Номинальный поток 190лм
Цветопередача Ра98
светодиоды Полный спектр (солнечный свет)
Цветовая температура 2700К
Время обслуживания 10 часов с полной яркостью
20 часов с яркостью 50%
Время зарядки Мин. 3 часа (5В 2А)
Яркость по умолчанию 100%
Емкость батареи 2*2500 мА·ч
Материал абажура Алюминиевый сплав
Материал фонарного столба Алюминиевый сплав
Основной материал лампы сплав цинка
Источник питания Литий-ионный аккумулятор
Зарядная док-станция USB тип С
Рабочая температура -20℃~35℃
Размер φ116*250mm
Скорость IP IP54


A minimalist table lamp is a lighting fixture that has a simple and understated design with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. It is typically characterized by a sleek, modern aesthetic that can blend seamlessly with a wide range of interior decor styles.

The lamp’s minimalist design features only the necessary elements, such as a single shade or a simple geometric base, and it is often constructed from materials like metal, wood, or plastic. The lamp’s monochromatic or neutral color scheme adds to its minimalist appeal, making it an ideal addition to a variety of spaces.

The lamp’s primary function is to provide focused light for reading or working, and it is often adjustable to suit different lighting needs. The lamp’s minimalist design helps to reduce visual clutter and create a sense of simplicity and calm in the space.

Overall, a minimalist table lamp is a functional and stylish lighting solution that offers a clean and uncluttered aesthetic. Its simple design and functional features make it a popular choice for those looking to create a calm and inviting space.


Minimalist table lamp Advantage:

1.Versatility: Minimalist table lamps have a simple and understated design that can blend in with a wide range of interior decor styles, making them a versatile addition to any space.

2.Clutter-free: The minimalist design of the table lamp helps to reduce visual clutter in the space, creating a sense of calm and simplicity. This is particularly useful in smaller spaces or in areas where visual clutter can be distracting or overwhelming.

3.Functionality: Despite their simple design, minimalist table lamps are still a functional lighting solution that provides focused light for reading, working, or performing other tasks. Many models also feature adjustable settings that allow you to customize the lighting to your specific needs.

4.Aesthetic appeal: A minimalist table lamp is an elegant and sophisticated lighting solution that adds a touch of style and sophistication to any space. Its clean lines and simple design create a sense of balance and harmony that can be visually appealing and calming.

5.Energy efficiency: Many minimalist table lamps use LED technology, which is more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. This can help to reduce energy consumption and lower your electricity bills over time.

6.Durability: Because of their simple and sturdy design, minimalist table lamps are often more durable and long-lasting than more complex or ornate designs.

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