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if you want to set up the perfect home office, you have to know a few basic lighting rules. These little tricks will allow you to boost your well-being throughout the day… And therefore to maximize your personal productivity. First, in defining the space that you’ll dedicate to your home office you should keep in mind that natural light is vital. The ideal environment for your workspace should have big windows so that daylight helps you improve your productivity and alertness. However, for the best possible visual comfort, you’ll also need an artificial light source to illuminate your table. In fact, you should consider that the electronic devices you use can cause stress to your eyes.

In addition to supplementing ambient lighting, our rechargeable desk lamps are great for reducing eye strain thanks to the powerful light of the latest LED technology. Our desk lamps are lightweight, versatile, and cordless.
Once you’ve chosen a room to set up your workspace, all you need to do is place it on the table.
You don’t need a power cord to turn it on, so your desk will always be neat and tidy.

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