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home-luce has its own lighting factory, which can produce different styles, materials, and types of household lamps and lamps. Currently mainly supply table lamps, floor lamps, and spotlights; these lamps can be used in the living room, dining room, bedroom, and some commercial spaces. , such as hotels, restaurants, offices, bars, clubs, etc.; we can also customize and develop the styles you need according to the customer’s lighting design and requirements. As a professional indoor and outdoor lighting manufacturer, home-luce always provides customers with high-quality home lighting!

Our trendy table lamp with different shapes and designs is the eye-catching center in your house. This is not only a small bedside light but also a beautiful bedroom light, which makes you love your home life more. Maybe you like reading a good book to relax, or playing mobile games, or spending a wonderful night with your lover. Good table lamps can make everything enjoyable. The lamp you choose should be beautiful and meet your purpose. We provide table lamps of various styles, which can be illuminated from weak to strong light.

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