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Is it okay to use a table lamp?
Table lamps provide “task lighting” for reading, writing, learning, crafting, computer work, and more. For this reason, a good table lamp should provide the following: Clear, bright light that makes it easy to work underneath. Relatively focused beam with minimal glare.

As long as your bedside lamp matches the rest of your bedroom decor, the color and style are all up to you. Spice up your modern bedroom with our modern table lamps and have fun with lamps in typical themed shapes or decorations that suit your decorating style: for example, anchor in a coastal style room, place palm trees in a tropical room, or Grapes in a Tuscan-themed room. Think of your bedside lamp as a powerful accent in your bedroom, and choose accordingly.

You don’t have to match all the lights in the room. To be more precise, you don’t have to have the same lights. However, if you want a cohesive design, make sure they relate to each other in some way, whether it’s through shaded colors and shapes, materials, or a similar color scheme. Choosing a modern desk lamp is a good choice for you.


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