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The correct height for a desk lamp depends on the room, the size of the table, and the use of the light. You have to balance the size of a lamp with the furniture around it. A table lamp is a light source that is placed on a table or any piece of furniture. In the lamp series, the table lamp is the simplest lighting solution. People tend to look their best when illuminated by a light bulb that measures around 2700 Kelvin. Most light bulbs, whether incandescent, LED, compact fluorescent, or halogen, are labeled “Soft White/Warm White” (2,700-3,000 Kelvin), “Bright White/Cool White” (3,500-4,100 Kelvin), or ” Daylight” (5,000-6,500 Kelvin).



Five tips for buying lights
1. Buy lights that match the tone of the room.
2. The shade should be eye-level when you are seated.
3. Try to keep all lights in the same room at roughly the same height.
4. If you like a lamp and it’s too high – put it on a smaller table. 5. If the light is too short – put a few books under the light.
6. You don’t have to match the lights on either side of the sofa – just make sure they are of similar height.

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