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modern led table lamp lights up your office

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With so many of us working and studying from home, setting up the perfect workspace is critical. When looking for home office inspiration, one of the most important home office ideas is lighting. Believe it or not, the lamp on your desk can make or break your day. Not to mention, lights are a huge decorative element when it comes to home office decor.


As unimportant as it may seem, your lamp is one of the most important parts of your table setting, second only to your chairs.

With many of us spending more than 8 hours a day staring at our computers, whether at work or at school, lighting is even more important. You may have noticed that after staring at a computer all day without proper lighting, you feel more tired or have eye strain. So, why choosing the right lighting is so important.
Choose a modern LED eye protection table lamp: its light belongs to warm tone, which can relieve your eye fatigue and better protect your eyes.


Choose the right size: Yes, lights aren’t one-size-fits-all. If you have a small desk, a clip-on lamp or a lamp with a small base can save most of the desk space. If you have a larger table, consider a reach light, similar to an architectural light. In general, your light source should be on your head, but not out of your eyes. Adjust the position: The light should be positioned so that no shadows slide across your desk as you work. For right-handed people, this means placing the lamp on the left side of the table, and vice versa.
When used with a computer, a desk lamp should illuminate the desktop and keyboard without glare on the screen.


Note the switch position: it should be easy to turn the lamp on and off. You don’t need magic to turn on the power switch. Good switch options include zippers, dock switches, and touch lights. Design aside, if you follow these guidelines, you’ll have no trouble finding the best desk lamp.
Of course, our suggestions below will add the style and glamor you want to your home decor. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up functionality and practicality.

Our desk lamp not only protects your eyes, but also lasts longer than ordinary desk lamps. Available in two different height styles and a variety of colors for your choice.

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