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In recent years, you may have discovered that the halogen bulbs you’ve been buying for years are no longer available at your local hardware store. This is because LED spotlights are rapidly hitting the market as a more energy-efficient alternative. With the transition to LED technology, many of the metrics and points to consider are now different.

Spotlights – LED spotlights will project a beam of light that exits on the narrower side (45 degrees or less). This beam spread is concentrated in a more specific area and can be directed more simply.

Floodlights – LED bulbs in this category produce large beams that cast 50 to 120 degrees of light. Since this is a larger beam, this light covers a considerable amount of space compared to a spotlight without compromising energy efficiency (wattage) or light brightness (lumens).

LED spotlights can be seen when looking to highlight a specific point or detail, such as artwork in a museum, features in a landscape, or objects on display.



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