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led bulbs for enclosed fixtures, long standby time know you better

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Enclosed luminaire means that the lamp with lighting function is a whole, without any gaps between them, and the bulbs used for closed luminaires are also installed in advance. A lamp that can be used directly. Its characteristic is that it can effectively prevent physical damage and play a good waterproof role. Therefore, the use of this kind of lamps in some specific environments will have very good results.

For example, in a workshop with a large amount of dust, there is a lot of dust floating in the air, so the use of enclosed lamps can effectively prevent the dust from intruding into the lamps and causing terrible consequences. In places where the environment is relatively humid, enclosed lamps are usually used to avoid the influence of moisture in the environment during use. In life, many large lamps, such as beautiful crystal chandeliers, will adopt a closed form, which can make the appearance of the entire lamp look more uniform.


led bulbs for enclosed fixtures generally have a service life of more than 100,000 hours, so there is basically no replacement of bulbs. Therefore, the life we ​​have seen in China and the United States can also have a long shelf life. And we can also use this kind of enclosed lamps in our homes, which can not only ensure normal lighting in life, but also ensure the service life and convenience of the entire lamps. Waterproof and solid-proof are more suitable for new house decoration.

We always have such a hope for life, that is, to be simpler, to be able to integrate beauty at home, but there are fewer dead ends of clean life. Therefore, choosing this kind of enclosed lamp can not only meet the lighting needs of the home, but also reduce the number of cleanings. More able to make our lives have a relatively easy and worry-free choice. The long service life combined with the unique use characteristics seems to really become an important choice in the life that people are pursuing nowadays.

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