While it’s labeled a “bedside lamp,” the elegant design suggests this wireless charging lamp is one you’ll want to place somewhere to show it off. In addition to including a desk lamp and wireless charging, it also functions as a Bluetooth speaker. Whether you’re working from home or busy with homework, a good desk lamp is a great way to tie your entire workspace together.

The right light can undoubtedly transform a space; whether it’s your desk, nightstand or console. If it’s the former, the right choice of lighting will help create the right atmosphere for your work and help you focus better. cordless charger lamps are more convenient. If all these features are exciting to you, here are our best table lamps with wireless charging pads. It comes with a USB charging port for wired charging.

It’s hard to understand what a wireless light is for until you experience the freedom of being cordless. Remember the phone plugged into the wall? The same goes for wired lighting. “Take the lights” cries have become commonplace, and they’re a very useful thing to have around the house. I think you could use a candle or flashlight to achieve a similar effect, but it won’t be the same.

We use our wireless lights to light up previously darkened areas throughout the house, creating tons of new places to hide from others and get some reading or work done. We use ours for atmospheric dining table lighting, reading bedtime stories and nighttime adventures in the garden.

Bluetooth スピーカー テーブル ランプ-TL-02 スマート
Bluetooth speaker table lamp-TL-02 Smart
-- Bluetooth スピーカーは内部にあり、Bluetooth で携帯電話を介して音楽を再生できます。
--フル スペクトル LED (太陽光) は、目を完全に保護します。
--IP54 屋外での使用に適しています。
-- 2*2,500mAH リチウムイオン電池を搭載。
--USB タイプ C ケーブルによるワイヤレス充電。
-- バー、レストラン、キャンプ、リビングルーム、ホテルなどに適しています。
商品名 1. Bluetooth speaker table lamp

2. table lamp with wireless charging

3. rechargeable cordless table lamp

商品番号。 TL-02 スマート
充電方法 ワイヤレス充電
公称電力 2.2W
入力電圧 5Vdc
公称磁束 190lm
演色性 Ra98
LED フルスペクトル (太陽光)
色温度 2700K
サービス時間 完全な明るさで 10 時間
50% の明るさで 20 時間
充電時間 最小。 3時間(5V 2A)
デフォルトの明るさ 100%
バッテリー容量 2×2,500mAh
ランプシェードの材質 アルミニウム合金
街灯の材質 アルミニウム合金
ランプ基材 亜鉛合金
電源 リチウムイオン電池
充電ドック USB タイプ C
コードレス充電 QIワイヤレス充電器に準拠
作業温度 -20℃~35℃
サイズ φ114×385mm
IPレート IP54
our product cordless charger lamp
LED 電球調光可能 - GU5.3 Pro 外部調光
Bluetooth speaker table lamp-TL-02 Smart
最長 40,000 時間の寿命、5 年間の限定保証の対象
Home Lite外部調光ドライバーで調光可能、さまざまな調光器と互換性があります
ヒートシンク – アルミニウム合金
リフレクター - PC
仕上げ色 - シルバー
商品名 1. mr16 dimbar led

2. led bulb dimmable

3. 7.5 w gu10 led

商品番号。 MR-01(301075)
運転者 外部調光ドライバー
ワット数 7.5W
光束 550lm
演色性 Ra90
光線角度 15/24/36/60
調光可能 はい
色温度 2700K/3000K/4000K/6500K
ヒートシンク アルミニウム合金
リフレクター パソコン
光源 穂軸
入力電圧(V) AC220~240V
SDCM 3ステップ
保証 5年
ちらつき フリッカーフリー
力率 0.85
調光機能 リーディング エッジとトレーリング エッジ
サイズ φ46×50mm
密閉器具に最適 はい
寿命 40,000時間


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  • wireless rechargeable table lamp is more convenient

    Are you looking for a convenient and energy-saving desk lamp? Our wireless rechargeable table lamp is a good choice. So how is it to be used? It can be turned on and off by touch. We are full-spectrum light-emitting diodes (sunlight), which can fully protect the eyes. By gently swiping with your fingers, you can steplessly adjust the brightness of the light. The experience is exactly the same as adjusting the brightness of a mobile phone. And because this operation does not involve mechanical movement, there will never be wear and aging, and the experience will be the same no matter how long it is used. When reading at night, turning on such a desk lamp will greatly reduce fatigue.     The wireless charging desk lamp applies the concept of intelligence to the design of the desk lamp, thereby improving the experience of use, and at the same time making the appearance more technological and more in line with modern aesthetics. It is also significantly different from the traditional desk lamp in the method of use, canceling the mechanical switch and replacing it with a light touch operation. On its flat and smooth base panel, there is no protruding button, but there are eye-catching and concise icons. It is just like a mobile phone. Touch the power button with your finger, and it can be instantly turned on and turned off. is also like this.     Since it is an intelligent product, the function of the wireless charging...

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  • gu10 outdoor wall lights, love when you see it, and the light in your heart
    gu10 アウトドア ウォールライト 見た瞬間に恋に落ち、心に灯りを

    光の存在は、人間の世界を文明へと向かわせ、闇を打ち負かし、人々が恐怖を克服するのを助けます。当初、照明は自然光でしたが、人々は火を発見し、後に電灯が登場しました。時代の進展とともに、さまざまなランプの役割は、照明だけでなく、生活に芸術的なタッチを加えることでもあります。 gu10 屋外用ウォール ライトの使用はその 1 つにすぎず、さまざまなランプ ホルダーを使用して家をより階層化することができます。 Gu10 の G はランプ キャップのタイプを表し、このタイプのランプ キャップはプラグインであり、U はランプ キャップの形状が U 字型であることを表し、10 はランプ ピン穴の中心距離を表します。プロの分野では、各仕様のランプホルダーが異なるため、屋外用ウォールランプを選択する際には、必要なランプのモデルを追加して、それに一致する適切なランプホルダーを選択する必要があります。マーケティングでは、多くの種類のランプホルダーとさまざまな派手なスタイルがありますが、ウォールランプのヨーロッパの形状または中国のデザインは、使用中に建物全体のデザインスタイルに一致すると同時に、より深い芸術感をもたらします.モデルの観点から、各ランプの使用はユニークです。 gu10 屋外用ウォール ライトの場合、一般的で実用的な特性により、人々は一目でこのランプに恋をします。多分彼らは特定の仕様を知らない...

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  • How to choose a downlight and spotlight manufacturer

    ダウンライトとスポットライトは一般的な照明器具であり、美術館の照明、ホテルの照明、オフィスの照明、ケータリングの照明、店舗の照明などの商業照明に広く使用されており、非主照明の装飾スタイルの形成もアプリケーションに密接に関連しています。フロア ランプ スポット ライトのセットです。さらに、フロア ランプ スポット ライトとインテリジェント システムのマッチングは、フロア ランプ スポット ライトの使用をより便利にするためにも使用できます。フロアランプのスポットライトは、家庭用照明やその他の照明にも広く使用されています。現在、私たちが使用するダウンライト スポットライトは、一般的には led ダウンライト スポットライトであり、業務用照明で使用されるダウンライト スポットライトは、通常、ランプ メーカーから直接購入されます。ダウンライト・スポットライトのメーカーの選び方。 LED ダウンライト スポットライトは商業照明で一般的に使用されていますが、省エネ、優れた演色性、高安定性、長寿命、低光減衰という特徴がありますが、ダウンライト スポットライトのビーム特性にはまだいくつかの違いがあります。ダウンライトスポットライトの光源が異なります。ダウンライトは通常、ライトまたは補助照明として使用され、スポットライトは通常、照らされたオブジェクトを強調するキー照明として使用されます。ダウンライトは通常、下向きの照明です。ダウンライトの反対側が光を受け、照明角度を移動できず、ダウンライトの照明角度を自由に調整できることが、ダウンライトとダウンライトの違いの一部です。 LEDダウンライトやスポットライトのメーカーを選ぶ際には、いくつかの側面から検討する必要があります。ザ...

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  • How to Choose the table lamps for living room That’s Right for You

    Are you looking for the perfect table lamp for your living room? If so, you've come to the right place! We have a wide selection of table lamps to suit any living room. There are a few things you need to consider when choosing the perfect desk lamp for your living room. First, consider the overall style of the room. Do you want a more traditional look or a more modern look? This will help you narrow down your choices. Mary is in the market for a new lamp. She just moved into a new apartment and wanted to add a little personality to her living room. She browsed the light fixture selection in the store but couldn't seem to find the right one.     Then she saw it. A beautiful modern lamp that goes perfectly with her new decor. She was about to buy it but found that the price was a bit high. She decided to look around a bit more and found the same lamp at a much lower price. She was about to buy it when she realized she might be able to find a better deal online. She found the same lamp on a website that was selling for even less than a store.     She was about to buy it when she realized she might find a better deal if she waited for the sale. She found the same lamp on a website that was selling for even less than a store....

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  • modern led table lamp lights up your office
    modern led table lamp lights up your office

    With so many of us working and studying from home, setting up the perfect workspace is critical. When looking for home office inspiration, one of the most important home office ideas is lighting. Believe it or not, the lamp on your desk can make or break your day. Not to mention, lights are a huge decorative element when it comes to home office decor.   As unimportant as it may seem, your lamp is one of the most important parts of your table setting, second only to your chairs. With many of us spending more than 8 hours a day staring at our computers, whether at work or at school, lighting is even more important. You may have noticed that after staring at a computer all day without proper lighting, you feel more tired or have eye strain. So, why choosing the right lighting is so important. Choose a modern LED eye protection table lamp: its light belongs to warm tone, which can relieve your eye fatigue and better protect your eyes.   Choose the right size: Yes, lights aren't one-size-fits-all. If you have a small desk, a clip-on lamp or a lamp with a small base can save most of the desk space. If you have a larger table, consider a reach light, similar to an architectural light. In general, your light source should be on your head, but not out of your eyes. Adjust the position: The light should be positioned so that no shadows slide across your...

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  • led bulbs for enclosed fixtures, long standby time know you better

    Enclosed luminaire means that the lamp with lighting function is a whole, without any gaps between them, and the bulbs used for closed luminaires are also installed in advance. A lamp that can be used directly. Its characteristic is that it can effectively prevent physical damage and play a good waterproof role. Therefore, the use of this kind of lamps in some specific environments will have very good results. For example, in a workshop with a large amount of dust, there is a lot of dust floating in the air, so the use of enclosed lamps can effectively prevent the dust from intruding into the lamps and causing terrible consequences. In places where the environment is relatively humid, enclosed lamps are usually used to avoid the influence of moisture in the environment during use. In life, many large lamps, such as beautiful crystal chandeliers, will adopt a closed form, which can make the appearance of the entire lamp look more uniform.   led bulbs for enclosed fixtures generally have a service life of more than 100,000 hours, so there is basically no replacement of bulbs. Therefore, the life we ​​have seen in China and the United States can also have a long shelf life. And we can also use this kind of enclosed lamps in our homes, which can not only ensure normal lighting in life, but also ensure the service life and convenience of the entire lamps. Waterproof and solid-proof are more suitable for new house decoration. We always...

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  • China modern cordless table lamp
    China modern cordless table lamp

    A modern cordless table lamp is a type of lamp that does not require a cord to be plugged into an electrical outlet. Instead, it is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be charged using a USB cable or a charging dock. These lamps are typically designed with LED lights, which are energy-efficient and long-lasting. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, from minimalist designs to more ornate and decorative options. Some modern cordless table lamps also feature touch controls, dimming options, and adjustable brightness levels. They are a great option for those who want the convenience of a portable lamp without the hassle of cords and outlets. A modern cordless table lamp is a type of lighting fixture that doesn't require a power cord to function. Instead, it is powered by a rechargeable battery that is built into the lamp. This type of lamp is great for use in spaces where there are no available power outlets or where cords would be unsightly. Modern cordless table lamps are typically designed to be portable and easy to move around, which makes them ideal for use on tables, desks, and other surfaces. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, ranging from sleek and minimalistic to ornate and decorative.     Some of the key features of modern cordless table lamps include: Rechargeable batteries: These lamps are powered by rechargeable batteries, which can be charged using a standard power outlet or USB port. LED lighting: Most...

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  • Why choose high quality outdoor led table lamp and what are its advantages
    Why choose high quality outdoor led table lamp and what are its advantages

      There are many benefits of outdoor led table lamps. Not only is it aesthetically perfect, but it has the added bonus of enhancing your outdoor space. This article is about the benefits of outdoor led table lamps.   Lighting has an uncanny ability to create mood. Using specific lighting allows you to create a beautiful and captivating atmosphere. Outdoor LED table lamps are a great way to add personality to your outdoor space by increasing the amount of time you spend outdoors, and late night grills can easily add to a lively and festive setting. What is an outdoor led table lamp? Outdoor LED lights are LED lights specially designed to illuminate the outdoors. Now, you might be wondering why LEDs are used? Why not use HPS lamps? The answer is simple. LEDs are one of the most technologically advanced lights on the market! Innovations happen to them often and they aim to prove more beneficial for all users. Admittedly, they can be a little more expensive than other types of lighting. However, given their merit, durability and longevity, they are definitely a bargain in the long run! Therefore, if you choose outdoor LED lighting according to your needs, you will get multiple advantages that you cannot enjoy by choosing other lighting types. Outdoor lighting usually includes outdoor landscape lighting, outdoor facade lighting, parking lot lighting, etc.     Advantages of outdoor led table lamps Many advantages make outdoor LED lighting one of the best choices for outdoor spaces....

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  • How to choose the perfect surface mounted downlight for your home

    家のリフォームに関して言えば、照明は重要な要素です。照明に関して最も重要な決定事項の 1 つは、どのタイプの照明を使用するかです。表面実装型ダウンライトとは?表面実装ダウンライトは、表面に直接取り付ける照明器具です。住宅用と商業用の両方で人気があり、さまざまなスタイルと仕上げが用意されています。表面実装ダウンライトの利点の 1 つは、取り付けが非常に簡単なことです。表面実装ダウンライト: 利点とオプション ダウンライトは、空間を照らすための一般的な選択肢であり、それには正当な理由があります。取り付けが簡単で、部屋を明るくするのに最適な方法など、多くの利点があります。ご自宅を照らす新しい方法をお探しの場合は、表面実装ダウンライトの選択を検討してください。表面実装ダウンライトを使用する利点は何ですか?家庭で表面実装ダウンライトを使用することには多くの利点があります。これらの利点のいくつかは次のとおりです。 2. 他のタイプの照明よりもエネルギーの消費が少ないため、非常に効率的に部屋を照らすことができます。 3. 設置が簡単で、ほとんどどこにでも設置できます。 4. さまざまなスタイルと色が用意されているので、ご自宅に最適なものを見つけることができます。 5. 能力を高める素晴らしい方法です...

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  • Underground lamp gu10 practical and convenient lighting tool
    地下ランプ gu10 実用的で便利な照明ツール

    Most products will have fixed parameters as the basis, so even if different manufacturers use different materials, but the basic parameters are the same, then the products can be compatible with each other. And such products are more common in the production of lamps. For example, the parameters set in the underground lamp gu10 are fixed, and the specific brightness and overall use effect will be different due to the difference of other accessories. Gu10 is a lamp holder model, where G stands for the usage mode of this lamp, and U stands for radian. The number means the distance between the feet. The products used are different because of the different lamp holders. There are still many gu10 lamp holders on the market, so customers will choose the corresponding product according to the specific lamp holder situation during the use process. And this type of lamp holder can reduce power consumption during use, and is suitable for our daily life voltage. For the use of underground lights, brightness and product quality are the main requirements. The use of gu10 lamp can better meet the needs of daily work, and also meet the needs of use in lighting. In fact, when choosing a lamp, everyone's focus is on the service life of the lamp and the brightness of the lighting. The selection will be made according to the original specifications when it is replaced later. The gu10 lamps on the market are common and highly practical, so more users tend...

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