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It is recommended that you use recessed downlights

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Recessed downlights are metal lights that mount above the ceiling line. The light fixture is fixed in a hollow opening in the ceiling, giving the impression of light coming from the hole. Lighting is directed downwards, similar to a wide floodlight or spotlight.

Features of recessed lighting
Recessed lighting requires a lot of ceiling wiring. The lighting system has a luminaire-to-luminaire connection, with all luminaires connected in series via a single cable
Recessed lights have three main parts:
Light bulb
Concave light. The visible part of the lamp constitutes the decoration. When you look up at that light, you can see the decoration. The edges of the trim pieces are lightly lined.
During installation, the clamp itself forms an enclosure that plugs into the ceiling. The housing unit consists of a lamp socket and the last part is the bulb, which is inserted into the recessed light fixture. There are various bulbs on the market depending on the amount of light required.




Why Recessed Lights
The use of recessed lights promotes the minimalism of the room. Recessed lights brighten up the room without the clutter like ceiling lights. These lights are the best choice for low ceilings because they don’t protrude from the ceiling. A traditional chandelier makes the room look depressing. Recessed light fixtures can always be used in low-roof rooms instead of traditional light fixtures. Recessed lighting ensures mess-free lighting and good lighting.




When and where to use recessed lighting
It can be used as a spotlight for general lighting or ambient recessed lighting in a room.

In spaces with a focal point, such as artwork or fireplaces, special spotlights can be used to bring them into focus, which is achieved through the use of recessed lighting.

In contrast to direct lighting, recessed light fixtures can be installed on the wall because they reflect light beautifully into the space, which adds an appearance to the wall.




Advantages of recessed lighting
The main advantages of recessed light fixtures are:
Recessed light fixtures shrink to a given space and have no visible fixtures. This is a powerful advantage when interiors are a big concern
They are the best choice for rooms with low ceiling heights, such as basements.
Properly placed recessed light fixtures can cover the entire room compared to ceiling lights with lower coverage around the room.

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