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How about home-luce surface mounted downlight

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Now downlights can be seen everywhere, whether in shopping malls or at home, downlights can be seen everywhere, and the installation methods of downlights are also clearly installed and hidden. Most of the ones I see are more concealed, so it looks more beautiful. Downlights are also divided into bathroom downlights, adjustable downlights, outdoor downlights, etc.


surface mounted downlights



What is a surface mounted downlight
1. The surface mounted downlight is a kind of downlight, which is just the opposite of the concealed downlight. Its characteristic is that it will maintain the overall unity of the architectural decoration, and will not destroy the beauty of the decoration if the lamps are installed.
2. Downlights do not occupy space, which can increase the soft atmosphere of the space. If you want to create a warm feeling, you can try to install multiple downlights to reduce the pressure of space. Generally, it is used more in hotels, homes, and cafes.
Downlights do not occupy any space, and can also increase the soft atmosphere of the space. If you want to create a warm feeling, you can install a few more downlights to reduce the pressure of the space. Generally, it is used more in homes, hotels, and cafes.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of surface mounted downlights
1. Advantages
a. Can work at high speed: If the energy-saving lamp is frequently started or turned off, the filament will turn black and will be damaged soon.
b. Solid state package, belonging to cold light source type. Therefore, it is very convenient to transport and install, and can be installed in any miniature and closed equipment. It is not afraid of vibration, and the main consideration is heat dissipation.
c. Fast response speed: The downlight has a fast response speed, which completely eliminates the shortcomings of the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp that the ignition process is long.
d. The downlight is mainly composed of a lamp frame, a lamp frame bracket, a lamp holder, a lamp holder iron box cover, a reflector, etc. The main body is made of imported steel plates and imported aluminum materials. The surface is repaired by electrostatic spraying, and the powder layer has strong and uniform cohesion.



2. Disadvantages:
It cannot be installed on some flammable materials. If it is installed on flammable materials, it is very likely to cause a fire. If we want to install the ceiling light on the board, we need to take some heat insulation measures, so as to effectively prevent the fire. The price is higher than ordinary lamps, and maintenance is inconvenient and expensive.
We know that downlights have exposed and concealed installations, so there is a certain difference between exposed and concealed installations, so there are some advantages and disadvantages of surface-mounted downlights. We have introduced the above for you, hoping to help you. For the introduction of downlights, please contact us.

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