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Invention from a Chinese downlight manufacturer

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The principle of the invention of the downlight manufacturer
Downlight is a very ancient lighting tool, which was first invented in China. The principle of the downlight is to insert a long bamboo or wood into a cylindrical base, and then cover a small paper lamp with the bamboo or wood. Put this decorated bamboo or wood in a large pot filled with water so that the bamboo or wood will not burn.
When downlights need to be used, people place them on a flat surface and tap the basin lightly with their hands or feet to splash water onto the small paper lanterns.



The production process of downlights
Downlight manufacturers usually focus on the production of downlights. Downlights are a type of traditional Chinese furniture that dates back to the Song Dynasty. Many believe that the invention of the downlight stemmed from Song Dynasty astronomers who used this light source to observe the night sky.
Over time, other uses for these light sources have been discovered. For example, use these light sources indoors to read or work. In addition, people started to use these light sources to decorate the room, which also promoted the development of the furniture industry.


The manufacturing process is a series of processes that must be experienced to produce a finished product. Most of the time, these operations must be done sequentially, but sometimes in parallel to speed up production. But to produce a high-quality, durable product, certain measures must be taken to ensure the quality of the workmanship.
In the past, most manufacturers made these light sources by hand. Today, with the increasing level of mechanization, many manufacturers are using machines to produce light sources. Of course, handmade is still very popular.

Product features of downlights
Downlight Manufacturer is a professional downlight manufacturer, 3 downlights are waterproof, drop-proof, wind-proof, durable, corrosion-resistant, and have a long lifespan, making them the best choice for homes, workshops, and factories.

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