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Installing garden lights gu10 can also give you a warm feeling this summer

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Garden lighting ideas and tips to get the most out of your exterior lighting.
While we all understand the importance of proper lighting in our home, a balanced work environment and accent lighting. What do we think about garden lighting? Good outdoor lighting can transform any exterior space, create practical lighting for safety and the environment, create a beautiful ambience and accentuate existing features.
When planning your garden lighting, it is important to determine where you will need the lighting and what type of lighting you will need. For example, do you want to create a welcoming environment in a dedicated seating area, or do you want to use floodlights in the aisle or driveway for safety? There are many different styles of lighting to choose from. Don’t forget that we offer a complete lighting design service, we can help you create the perfect lighting design for your garden.



The immediate setback to outdoor lighting is installation time and expense. You should always have this type of lighting installed by a qualified electrician. They should be considered permanent or long-term solutions. If you change your mind about the type of lighting you want, you can’t easily move a mains-powered option to a new location or swap it without some level of inconvenience and expense. The advantage is that once installed, the only maintenance required is keeping it clean and replacing the bulbs every ten years or so (if you opt for LED bulbs, of course!). You also benefit from a stable and reliable lighting power supply.




Installing garden lighting is very beneficial for plant growth
There is also a practical benefit to using outdoor lighting in your garden – LEDs are great for plants. In fact, they are so beneficial for plant growth that NASA uses them in space. According to a study conducted by Purdue University’s Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, “The spectral quality of LEDs can have dramatic effects on crop anatomy and morphology, as well as on nutrient uptake and pathogen development.”
As you can see, implementing a garden light gu10 for your garden is a smart choice for anyone looking to add beauty and functionality, increase outdoor living space and enhance the quality of plants.


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