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I have a beautiful and beautiful mini table lamp in my house

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The concept of Mini is more and more integrated into the design, so our designers have designed a mini table lamp.
The Mini Lamp is a minimalist floor lamp made of simple aluminium. There are different colors and different sizes. It can be placed beside the bed or on the table, suitable for private and public places, etc.
The positioning of our table lamp is reading, with a variety of reading modes for different scenes, and the brightness and color temperature can be adjusted.



The great thing about this little table lamp is that it’s portable – once charged, you can take it with you without ever going anywhere near a plug socket. This makes it perfect for use on a garden table, but also great for use on shelves or windowsills where you don’t want cables hanging down.

We have a lot of lovely lights. I do love a good table lamp – especially in winter when you just need a little extra light on those grey days. They’re also a versatile product: move them around your home to use on sideboards, nightstands, hallway consoles, tables, or add a warm glow to your kitchen worktop.



A rechargeable cordless mini table lamp that can go anywhere? A genius idea! Think about the possibilities.
Light up those little nooks – Without worrying about where the plugs and sockets are, you can light up those previously out-of-reach shelves and mantels and cozy little nooks.
Table Center – More convenient than a candle holder, perfect for a holiday feast
Alfresco dining light – bring it to the patio on warm evenings or even at a picnic
Instant Office – Turn a dining table, kitchen island or any flat surface into a workspace with an instant lamp
Mood lighting in the bathroom – place a table lamp on a chair near the tub to turn your bathroom into a warm, spa-like haven
The cordless mini table lamp is a true leap forward in home lighting, creating options we haven’t had before.
Home-luce’s portable devices change all that. We think they’re the first line of rechargeable table lamps that are as beautiful as their wired cousins.

Choose us and let your unfulfilled dreams come true for you.

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