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How to choose a rechargeable cordless table lamp and what are the hard standards for high-quality table lamp

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There is no harmful blue light. As we all know, the light-emitting principle of LED is that the blue chip excites the yellow phosphor, so there is no lack of blue light. However, too much blue light can cause certain damage to human eyes, such as inhibiting the secretion of melatonin and increasing the degree of myopia. Especially since the New Year’s Day in 2017, the national 3C mandatory inspection has increased the photobiological safety test items of lamps. It can be seen that when buying LED lamps, we must pay attention to whether they have passed the national 3C safety test.

High color rendering index. We choose to use an electric light in a dark environment to make it replace the sunlight so that we can see something clearly. Then, when choosing a lamp, we should try to choose a lamp whose indicator light is closer to the sun. The color rendering index is used to measure the color recovery ability of the lamp to the illuminated object. The higher the color rendering index, the closer the color recovery ability of the table lamp is to the sunlight, and the closer the color of the object irradiated under the light is to the sunlight. Therefore, when choosing lamps and lanterns, the color rendering index is also very important. The color temperature is appropriate. When night falls, you will see that the colors of the lights emitted by the lamps in different rooms upstairs are different. This difference is caused by the different color temperatures of the lamps.


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Lamps with low color temperature will make people feel warm, but over time, it is easy to make people drowsy; high color temperature will make people energetic, but it will feel a little pale and dazzling. Relevant international regulations also suggest that the color temperature of civil lamps should be lower than 4000K, mainly because lamps with high color temperatures emit blue light that is harmful to human eyes. For many high-tech quantum dot LEDs, high color temperature can also ensure safe blue light radiation. Combining the advantages of high color temperature and low color temperature, you can choose a quantum dot LED lamp with a color temperature of about 5000K.

Illumination and uniformity of illuminance. This term is defined as the brightness, darkness and uniformity of the illumination plane. The relevant national standards stipulate that the illuminance value must be greater than the specified value. Therefore, when choosing lamps, we can try our best to choose brighter and more uniform lamps. Non-hazardous stroboscope. The stroboscopic of LED lights is caused by the 50Hz alternating current we use, which is inevitable, so all LED lights have stroboscopic! Strobe lights can induce epilepsy when the frequency is 3-70hz; if the frequency is 100-120hz, it can cause headaches. When the stroboscopic light reaches the kHz level, it has little effect on people’s physiology and psychology. Use non-hazardous flashing lights.


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