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How to choose a long life gu10 spotlight

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In a normal situation, the service life of the gu10 spotlight can reach 50,000 hours. The G in the GU10 represents the plug, the U represents the radian, and the 10 represents the distance between the two feet is 10MM. The gu10 spotlight is a common one in daily life. Lamps, we can see this kind of lamps in our homes or in shopping malls.


Where is the benefit of the Gu10 spotlight

First of all, it has the effect of energy saving and environmental protection, and its power consumption is 10% lower than that of ordinary incandescent lamps. It is more energy efficient than sunlight, so many consumers will give priority to our GU10 spotlights when choosing lamps. Secondly, its service life and its light source are all made of LED light sources, which can work for more than 50,000 hours, which is longer than the working time of fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps. After use, you will feel that this kind of lamp Can adjust the effect of luminosity very well. It can also adjust different brightness according to different scenes, effectively protect the eyes and avoid too strong light.

gu10 light bulb

Can this light be used outdoors?
This light is suitable for any scene because it has an adjustment function. It can be adjusted according to different brightness.
It is also suitable for use outdoors.

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