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Home-luce manufacturers teach you how to choose rechargeable led table lamps and troubleshoot

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rechargeable led table lamps are becoming more and more popular in today’s society, and are deeply loved and purchased by consumers. So, when we are buying a rechargeable led table lamp, what details should we pay attention to? Today, let Home-luce table lamp manufacturer and supplier briefly explain how to choose a practical led table lamp, and then introduce the possible failure of led table lamp.

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First: Check the LED tube
When multiple LED lamps of the same product are viewed together, high-quality manufacturers generally have good consistency, and there will be no unevenness on the surface of the lamp. There is a slope between the high-quality LED light interface and the screw port, which is easy to install and prevents the installer from getting an electric shock. However, the interface of some low-quality LED lights is circular, which poses a safety hazard. Pull the turnbuckle slightly. If the interface is loose, it means there is a quality problem, please do not buy it.

Second: detect temperature
Put the LED light on the electrical base and work for a few minutes. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the LED lamp rises slowly, and the manual temperature is lower. If the temperature is too high, it will affect the life of the LED lamp, please do not buy it.

Third: interference test
When the LED light is working, you can turn on the radio and place it near the LED light. The lower the noise of the radio, the better the quality of the LED lights.
LED table lamps are good or bad, practical and durable, and some products often make mistakes. Most of them come from some non-professional custom lamp manufacturers. Choose professional and practical led table lamps.


table lamps for living room

The failure of the led is unexpected, so just briefly introduce the “dead lights” that often appear today.
First, let us check whether the power supply meets the standard:
1. FireWire&40;The identification letter is “L”FireWire&41.
2. Zero wire & 40; The signature letter is “n” NOUT wire & 41.
3. Line 40; the symbol letter is “e” ground wire &41.

The difference between the live wire and the neutral wire is the voltage to the ground: the voltage of the live wire to the ground is equal to 220V; the voltage of the neutral wire to the ground is zero (grounded), and then we will distinguish the LED “dead light”.

1. Distinguish by color: In power cables, yellow, green, and red represent phase a, phase B, and phase C (three-phase live wire), blue represents neutral wire, and yellow and green represent ground wire.

2. Difference from electric pen: When testing with electric pen, the charged line will glow, but the neutral line will not.

Voltmeter distinction: After understanding the above-mentioned LED table lamp “dead light” failure, the voltage between the different phase wires (i.e. live wire) is 380V, and the phase wire (live wire) and neutral wire (or a good grounding body) are 220V, The voltage between the neutral wire and a good grounding body is 0V, let us see how to choose the actual LED table lamp when choosing a table lamp.

Check the packaging requirements of LED lights and LED lights, and must indicate the rated voltage, voltage range, rated power and rated frequency. High-quality LED light products have good packaging and printing quality, clear handwriting, and are not easy to wipe with a wet cloth, while inferior products have poor printing quality and blurred fonts. Some products do not even have a manufacturer’s mark or related certification marks.

The content described above is about the common methods of how to choose and troubleshoot the rechargeable led table lamp. When you are buying led table lamps, hope this knowledge can help you, I hope you can buy your favorite led table lamps.

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