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gu10 outdoor wall lights, love when you see it, and the light in your heart

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The existence of light allows the human world to move towards civilization, defeats the darkness, and helps people overcome fear. In the beginning, the lighting was natural light, then people discovered the fire, and later there were electric lights. With the progress of the times, the role of various lamps is not only lighting, but also adding a touch of art to life. The use of gu10 outdoor wall lights is just one of them, with different lamp holders to make your home more layered.



The G in Gu10 represents the type of the lamp cap, this type of lamp cap is plug-in, and U represents the shape of the lamp cap is U-shaped, and 10 represents the lamp pin hole Center distance. In the professional field, the lamp holders of each specification are different, so when choosing outdoor wall lamps, we should add the model of the lamps we need to choose the right lamp holder to match it. In marketing, there are many types of lamp holders and various fancy styles, while the European shape or Chinese design in the wall lamp can match the design style of the entire building during use, and at the same time bring a deeper sense of art.


From the model point of view, the use of each lamp is unique. For the gu10 outdoor wall lights, the common and practical characteristics make people fall in love with this lamp at first sight. Maybe they don’t know the specific specifications of the lamp, but when you see the shape of the wall lamp, you will think that this is what we want. light.

The use of lighting progresses from individual lighting to multiple levels. In addition to setting the internal specifications, it enhances the convenience and brightness of use. The design from the external image increases the scope of use of the entire lamp. It may be a night lamp in a community or a wall lamp at home. Each has a different mission, but it is the life we ​​love, and it is also our long time. The light that shines into my heart in the long night.

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