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gu10 ceiling light

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LED lighting is one of the most efficient and fastest-growing technologies today. They last longer, provide better light quality, and are more durable. Like any other diode, they consist of a semiconductor material doped with certain impurities to form a PN junction. The current flows smoothly from the anode (p-side) to the cathode (n-side), not the other way around. When an electron collides with a hole, it automatically falls into a lower energy level and generates photon energy.

Available in different sizes and shapes, the gu10 ceiling light makes a great accessory for any room. Whether your home is stately or terraced, you can use these lights to make a positive difference. The type of lighting you’ll get will not only look attractive, but it’s also economical. They last much longer than traditional bulbs and consume up to 90% less energy.



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