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Comment mettre les lampes de table pour le salon

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Nowadays, there are various kinds of furniture and decorations in the home. For example, some people like to display some figures, and some people like to put table lamps in the living room, which can be used as decoration and lighting. However, there are still many people who put table lamps in the living room. I don’t know that there are many particulars about the placement of table lamps, so let’s take a look at how the table lamps in the living room should be placed.

1. When placing  lampes de table pour le salon, we need to pay attention to lighting, as well as the placement of positions. The table lamps cannot be placed near the sofa when laying out. This will affect the vision of guests and family members. If you choose our table lamp, you can choose to arrange it in the northwest.

2. When purchasing a table lamp, the material, shape and matching of the lamp can be selected according to the decoration of the living room. It is best to choose a versatile table lamp in the living room. Our table lamp is made of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy. It’s a modern style.

3. In the living room or other indoor spaces, most people will choose warm lighting, which makes the whole home feel very warm. It is not recommended to use colored table lamps indoors, especially table lamps with red light sources, which will make you feel too excited and easily generate anxiety. When using a desk lamp, it mainly depends on the color of its light source. The color of the desk lamp is the color of the light source. Try to choose a desk lamp with a warm tone.


What kind of table lamp is suitable for the living room?
a. Placing table lamps in the living room Generally, we will consider the light source according to the size of the space area of ​​the home. The common light sources in our life are: incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc. It is recommended that the table lamps in the living room are best to choose warm colors.

b. Next, we must consider its height, area, size and other aspects. Generally, the size of the lamp placed in the living room should not be larger than 80 cm. Otherwise, it will affect the beauty and incompatibility of the living room. If the size is too high, it will also give people a sense of depression.


c. In terms of choosing table lamps, you can choose the color you like, but it is best not to be too bright, as colorful table lamps placed in the living room will cause a kind of fatigue to people’s visual nerves.

The above is about how to place the table lamps for living room and what kind of table lamp is suitable for the living room. I hope our introduction will help you. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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