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When it comes to choosing a table lamp, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important is choosing a supplier that can provide you with the right product for your needs.

What to look for when choosing a China table lamp supplier

When looking for a table lamp supplier in China, it is important to consider a few factors. The quality of the lamps is one important consideration, as you want to be sure you are getting a product that will last. It is also important to look at the supplier’s reputation and ensure that they have a good track record. Price is another factor to consider, as you want to find a supplier that offers lamps at a good price point.

There are many reasons why you might want to consider buying a China table lamp. Perhaps you are looking for a new lamp to add some extra light to your home. Or maybe you are interested in Chinese culture and would like to add a touch of China to your décor. Whatever your reasons may be, a China table lamp is a great choice and can add a lot of personality to your home.

What are China table lamps?

China table lamps are lamps that are made in China. They are typically made from porcelain or ceramic, and are often ornate in design. They are used to provide light in a room, and can be used as a source of decoration.

What are the benefits of owning a China table lamp?

There are many benefits to owning a China table lamp. Firstly, they are very decorative and can add a touch of elegance to any room. They are also very sturdy and reliable, meaning they will last for many years. Additionally, China table lamps are very affordable, meaning they are a great value for your money. Lastly, they are easy to clean and maintain, making them a great choice for those who are short on time.

Bluetooth kaiutinpöytälamppu-TL-02 Smart
Bluetooth speaker table lamp-TL-02 Smart
--Bluetooth-kaiutin sisällä, voi toistaa musiikkia matkapuhelimen kautta Bluetoothin kautta;
- Täyden spektrin LEDit (auringonvalo) voivat suojata silmät täysin;
--IP54 Soveltuu ulkokäyttöön;
- Koko kotelo valmistettu metallista hyvän lämmönsiirron ja pitkän käyttöiän säilyttämiseksi;
--Virtalähteenä 2*2500 mAH Li-ion-akku;
--Langaton lataus USB Type C -kaapelilla;
- Soveltuu baariin, ravintolaan, leirintäalueeseen, olohuoneeseen, hotelliin jne.
- Mukautettu väri on saatavana;
tuotteen nimi 1. Bluetooth-kaiuttimen pöytälamppu

2. pöytävalaisin langattomalla latauksella

3. ladattava johdoton pöytälamppu

Tuote nro. TL-02 Smart
Lataustapa Langaton lataus
Nimellisteho 2,2W
Tulojännite 5Vdc
Nimellisvirtaus 190lm
Värintoisto Ra98
LEDit Täysi spektri (auringonvalo)
Värilämpötila 2700K
Palveluaika 10 tuntia täydellä kirkkaudella
20 tuntia 50% kirkkaudella
Latausaika Min. 3 tuntia (5V 2A)
Oletuskirkkaus 100%
Akun kapasiteetti 2*2500 mAH
Lampunvarjostimen materiaali Alumiiniseos
Lampun pylvään materiaali Alumiiniseos
Lampun pohjamateriaali sinkkiseos
Virtalähde Li-ion akku
Lataustelakka USB-tyyppi C
Langaton lataus Noudata langatonta QI-laturia
Työskentelylämpötila -20 ℃ ~ 35 ℃
Koko φ114*385mm
IP-nopeus IP54
our product china table lamp suppliers
led-polttimo himmennettävä-GU5.3 Pro ulkoinen Dim
Bluetooth speaker table lamp-TL-02 Smart
Käyttöikä jopa 40 000 tuntia, 5 vuoden rajoitettu takuu
Ei himmennettävä ulkoisella Lifud-ohjaimella
Himmennettävä Home Lite -ulkoisella himmennysohjaimella, joka voi olla yhteensopiva useiden himmentimien kanssa
Full Range Beam Angle tuettu
Flicker Free
Ei UV- ja IR-säteitä / ympäristöystävällinen
Jäähdytyselementti – alumiiniseos
Heijastin - PC
Viimeistelyväri - hopea
Etureuna ja takareuna himmennettävissä
tuotteen nimi 1. mr16 dimbar led

2. led-polttimo himmennettävä

3. 7,5 w gu10 led

Tuote nro. MR-01(301075)
Kuljettaja Ulkoinen himmennysohjain
Teho 7,5W
Valovirta 550lm
Värintoisto Ra90
Säteen kulma 15/24/36/60
Himmennettävä JOO
Värilämpötila 2700K/3000K/4000K/6500K
Jäähdytyselementti Alumiiniseos
Heijastin PC
Valonlähde COB
Lampun rungon väri Hopea
Tulojännite (V) AC220-240V
SDCM 3 askelta
Takuu 5 vuotta
välkkyminen Flicker Free
Tehokerroin 0.85
Himmennettävyys Leading Edge & Trailing Edge
Koko φ46*50mm
Soveltuu suljettuun valaistukseen JOO
Elinikä 40.000 tuntia


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  • How to choose the right bedside table lamp?
    Kuinka valita oikea yöpöytävalaisin?

    Many people think that when choosing lighting appliances, the higher the brightness, the better the lighting. In fact, the better the lighting is one of the main causes of visual fatigue, which seriously damages the retina. Especially for young children, they often use illuminated table lamps. It will affect the normal development of the eyes. Therefore, when choosing a bedside table lamp, it is recommended to use an LED table lamp and try to use a dimmable table lamp with usb port.   The principle of picking the lights. Consider factors. The choice of bedside lamp is generally based on the size of the room, the configuration of the furniture, the overall decoration style and personal needs to determine the type of lamp. Table lamps and wall lamps are the first choice for bedside lamps in most homes. The size of the Table lamp and the number of bulbs can be selected according to the size, style, quality and personal preference of the bedside table, and two can be placed separately or symmetrically. The wall lamp must be selected according to the size of the bed. Usually, the bed should be installed on each wall on both sides of the head of the bed, and the bed should be installed with a double-headed wall lamp in the middle of the head of the bed. If you want to facilitate reading, you can also choose a wall lamp with a telescopic handle and an adjustable lamp head.   In addition to...

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  • Introduce the advantages of dimmable table lamp with usb port
    Esittele usb-portilla varustetun himmennettävän pöytävalaisimen edut

    Lamps are an indispensable part of home decoration. The use of table lamps is now very common. They can be placed in the bedroom, study, bedside table, etc. to provide lighting for people's lives, in order to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Adjust people's mood and so on. With the development of the current era, the types of table lamps are becoming more and more diverse. For example, the dimmable table lamps with USB ports that are popular on the market now, what about this table lamp? And what are the advantages? I hope you can read the next content carefully.     What is a dimmable table lamp with a USB port? I believe everyone is very familiar with the term USB port. Yes, the USB port of a mobile phone that everyone is familiar with is the same concept. Our table lamp manufacturer makes good use of this advantage and integrates it into the table lamp technically. The purpose is to make it convenient for everyone to use the table lamp in front of the computer to connect to the computer and use the computer to transmit power for lighting. Of course, it can also be connected to a mobile power supply in various ways. At the same time, the dimmable table lamp of the USB port can adjust the suitable light according to our needs, so as to play the role of eye protection.     When you read this, we basically understand what is a...

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  • Choose downlight manufacturer more preferential
    Valitse alasvalojen valmistaja edullisemmin

    If you are looking for a downlight manufacturer, there are a few things you should consider. First, you want to make sure the manufacturer is reputable and has a good record. There are many manufacturers on the market, but not all are equally reputable. Second, you want to make sure that the manufacturer has a good warranty on their product. If something goes wrong with the product, this will make sure you have insurance. Third, you need to make sure the manufacturer offers a good price. This is important because you don’t want to overpay for the product. Fourth, you need to make sure the manufacturer has a good return policy. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it. Fifth, you need to make sure the manufacturer provides good customer service. This is important because if you have any questions or concerns, you want to be able to contact the manufacturer. These are just a few questions to consider when choosing a downlight manufacturer.   There are a few things to keep in mind when buying downlights. First, you need to find a reputable manufacturer. There are a lot of brands out there, so do your research and find one with a good reputation. Second, make sure you buy the right sized downlight. Third, pay attention to the quality of the products. You want to make sure that the quality of your product lasts. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re not sure...

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  • LED downlights for homes are more convenient to illuminate as you want
    Kodin LED-alasvalot on helpompi valaista haluamallasi tavalla

    In the beginning, light was used to illuminate every corner of the world, and everyone’s perception of light was that it was no longer dark at night. When I was young, a light bulb emitted a dim light. Under the light, there was a busy mother and the children working hard. And with the development of manufacturing technology now. The development of lamps has also developed more different functions from simple lighting. The not only realizes the basic functions of lighting, but also brings more convenience to everyone's use. When the lighting tools are at home, in order to cover more lighting range, they will choose to hang a light bulb or other types of lamps in the middle of the roof to illuminate the entire space. When there is only one person in the house, or when you want to read a book before going to bed, the lighting will appear too dazzling. Especially when you want to go to the toilet at night, turn on the light and the whole world is bright, and people's eyes will feel uncomfortable because of the sudden bright light. Therefore, under the change of market demand, people began to have a demand for targeted lighting, and downlights began to develop from a commercial place to a home improvement environment. The use of led downlights can be installed in a fixed location according to personal usage habits, and then turned on at a specific time, only a part of the light will be lit,...

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  • gu10 LED ceiling spotlight brings the feeling of your home
    gu10 LED-kattovalaisin tuo kotisi tunnelman

    Have you ever struggled to find an energy-efficient, long-lasting ceiling spotlight? Have you ever struggled to find a ceiling spotlight that doesn't heat up and is easy to install? If you have such troubles, then the gu10 LED ceiling spotlight is the product you need. It adopts the latest LED technology, which can significantly reduce energy consumption and has a lifespan of more than 10 years. In addition, the heat dissipation performance is good, and no overheating problem occurs. Easy to install, just install the gu10 LED ceiling spotlight on the ceiling. If you are looking for a cost-effective ceiling spotlight product, then gu10 LED ceiling spotlight will be your best choice.     Are you still using old-fashioned ceiling lights in your room? Replace your gu10 LED ceiling spotlights and give your room a whole new look! Not only does it look sleeker, but it brightens the room more efficiently and makes you feel more comfortable in the room. With the gu10 LED ceiling spotlight, you can save a lot of energy and save a lot of money for your family. You can also install it on your favorite wall to make the whole room unique. gu10 LED ceiling spotlight is a very good wall decoration product, easy to install, and the brightness of the light source can be changed at will, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection. In addition, it has many colors to choose from, which can meet various styles and...

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  • Experience Energy Efficiency with GU10 LED Bulbs
    Experience Energy Efficiency with GU10 LED Bulbs

    Dimmable GU10 LED Bulbs are a great way to create the perfect ambience in any room. Whether you want bright, focused light for getting things done or soft, warm light for relaxing, the dimmable GU10 LED bulb provides a versatile and energy-efficient solution. Known for their low energy consumption, LED bulbs can help you save on your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint. With the Dimmable GU10 LED Bulb, you can easily adjust the brightness level of the lighting to suit your needs and preferences. This can help you save energy and reduce your electric bill because less energy can be used when you don't need bright, plentiful light. GU10 LED bulbs use 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, which means they last longer, Making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. They generate less heat, which reduces the risk of fire and makes them safe for use in enclosed spaces. It comes in a variety of color temperatures, from cool white to warm white, to suit different moods and environments. You can also choose from a range of beam angles and wattages to get the right amount of light for your space. In addition to saving energy, GU10 LED bulbs have many other advantages. They generate less heat, which means they are safer to use and help reduce cooling costs in warm environments. They are also more durable and less prone to breakage, making them a safer and more reliable option. In addition, the GU10 LED bulb...

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  • The Best Smart Table Lamps for Your Home
    The Best Smart Table Lamps for Your Home

    Table lamps come in all shapes and sizes, and with a variety of features. So, it can be difficult to know which one is the best for your needs. In this blog post, we will discuss the best smart table lamps for your home. 1. What are smart table lamps? Smart table lamps are lamps that have been designed to be controlled by a computer or smartphone. They can be used to provide light for a room, or to display information such as the time or weather. Many smart table lamps also include features such as music playback or ambient lighting.     2. Why should you consider buying one? There are a few reasons why you should consider buying a drone. Perhaps the most important reason is that drones are a lot of fun! They are also a great way to get a new perspective on the world. Drones can be used for a variety of purposes, including photography, videography, and agriculture. 3. What are the benefits of using a smart table lamp? There are many benefits to using a smart table lamp. Firstly, they are often more affordable than traditional table lamps. Additionally, they save energy and can be controlled with a smart phone or tablet. This makes them perfect for home automation and controlling your environment.   4. How do you choose the right one for your home? When it comes to choosing the right home theater system for your home, there are a few things to...

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  • Buying a led nail table lamp is the best way to get your nails done at home
    Buying a led nail table lamp is the best way to get your nails done at home

    If you're looking for an easy and affordable way to get your nails done at home, a Led nail table lamp is a great option. These lamps are designed to make it easy to see what you're doing, and they come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. What are the benefits of using a led nail table lamp? A nail table lamp is a lamp that is designed to be used for nails. It is a common piece of equipment in a nail salon. There are many benefits to using a led nail table lamp. One of the benefits is that it is energy efficient. A led nail table lamp uses less energy than a traditional nail lamp. This is because a led nail table lamp has a smaller light bulb. A led nail table lamp also lasts longer than a traditional nail lamp. This is because a led nail table lamp has a longer life span.     How to use a led nail table lamp? A led nail table lamp is a great way to provide supplemental light while you are doing your nails. It is also a great way to provide light for other activities, such as reading or working on a project. Here are a few tips on how to use a led nail table lamp: 1. Place the lamp so that it is facing the area where you will be working. 2. Make sure to adjust the height of the lamp so...

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  • Using LED Downlights in Interior Design
    LED-alasvalojen käyttö sisustussuunnittelussa

    Mitä tulee sisävalaistukseen, tunnelman luomiseen on monia erilaisia lähestymistapoja. Valaistus on niin tärkeä tekijä sisustussuunnittelussa, että se jää usein huomiotta. Se on tämä välttämätön yksityiskohta, joka auttaa yhdistämään huoneet luoden valoisan tilan esittelemään tilaa. Alasvalot ovat luovia ja tehokkaita valonlähteitä sisustukseen. Olemme tutkineet erilaisia tapoja, joilla voit integroida valaistusasetuksiin parhaan mahdollisen vaikutuksen. Kerrosvalaistus Kotisi kerroksellisella valaistuksella voit luoda eri valonlähteistä yhtenäisen ja toimivan tilan. Luo samalla tyylikäs huone. Alasvaloja käytetään usein kerrosvalaistukseen, koska ne tarjoavat hyvän valonlähteen. Ja tarjoaa virtaviivaisen ja tyylikkään viimeistelyn kattoon. Niitä on saatavilla useilla eri viimeistelyillä, joten niiden yhdistäminen muihin valaisimiin ei ole koskaan ollut helpompaa. tarvitsevat työvalaistusta alueelleen Kallistuvia alasvaloja voidaan käyttää työvalaistukseen. Vaikka ne voivat lisätä tilaan tyyliä ja minimalismia, ne ovat myös erittäin toimivia. Ne lisäävät lyöntiä ja valaistusta keittiön kaappeihin, keittiönkaappien alle ja kylpyhuoneen peilien ympärille. Kallistuvien alasvalojen avulla voit suunnata erityisesti valaistuksen, joka auttaa sinua suorittamaan helposti käsillä olevaan tehtävään tarvittavat alueet. Vaikeasti saavutettaville alueille ja tummille kulmille, joihin ei muuten koskettaisi. tarvitsevat työvalaistusta alueelleen Kallistuvia alasvaloja voidaan käyttää työvalaistukseen. Vaikka ne voivat lisätä tilaan tyyliä ja minimalismia, ne ovat myös...

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  • Brighten Up Your Space with LED Bedside Lamps
    Brighten Up Your Space with LED Bedside Lamps

    Bedside lamps have become a staple in modern bedrooms. They provide ambient lighting that sets the tone for the room and helps create a cozy atmosphere. However, not all bedside lamps are created equal. LED bedside lamps, in particular, offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice among homeowners. In this article, we will explore the advantages of LED bedside lamps and highlight some of the best options available on the market.   Advantages of LED Bedside Lamps Energy Efficiency LED lamps are highly energy-efficient and use up to 75% less energy than traditional incandescent lamps. This means that you can enjoy the same level of brightness while saving money on your electricity bills.   Long Lifespan LED lamps have an average lifespan of 25,000 to 50,000 hours, which is significantly longer than incandescent lamps. This means that you will not have to replace your bedside lamp as frequently, which will save you money in the long run.   Durability LED lamps are highly durable and resistant to breakage, making them an ideal choice for homes with young children or pets. Unlike incandescent lamps, which are made of glass and can shatter easily, LED lamps are made of sturdy materials that can withstand wear and tear.     Eco-Friendly LED lamps do not contain harmful substances such as mercury, which can be found in traditional incandescent lamps. This means that they are more environmentally friendly and safer to dispose of.   Conclusion LED bedside lamps offer a...

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