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downlight led dimbar
allvalgusti dimbar


Mis on LED-allvalgusti? LED-allvalgustid on sisuliselt lakke kinnitatavad prožektorid, mis pakuvad eredat suunavalgust. Kuna aksessuaarid asetsevad laepinnale, on see vähem märgatav kui traditsiooniline prožektor ja võib stiilselt täiendada iga ruumi. Kuidas teada saada, kui palju allvalgusteid vajate? Üldvalgustuseks LED-allvalguste kasutamisel on oluline jälgida, et ruumi piisavaks valgustamiseks oleks paigaldatud piisavalt valgusteid. Kui need on kaetud, sõltub paigaldatavate allvalgustite täpne arv isiklikest eelistustest. Rusikareegel on paigaldada üks LED-allvalgusti ruutmeetri kohta, jättes iga valgusti vahele üks meeter ning valgusti ja iga seina vahele pool meetrit. See tähendab, et 3m x 3m ruumis oleks üheksa allvalgustit ideaalsed ereda ja ühtlase valgusjaotuse jaoks. LED-allvalgustite luumeni väljund ja valgusvihu nurk pakuvad siiski mõningast paindlikkust. Suurema valgusvihu nurgaga allvalgustid pakuvad laiemat valguse levikut, nii et saate vähem valgusteid paigaldada.
portable cordless table lamp
portable cordless table lamp


How to Pick the Best Cordless table Lamp? Type of bulb used. LED lights are the brightest, but not always the best if you're looking for indirect, soft light. Complies with UL standards. Even though they run on batteries instead of wires, these lights still use a form of electricity. UL labels let you know they have been properly tested. Battery Type. If you plan to use the bulbs a lot, look for bulbs that can run on rechargeable batteries. Although you will eventually have to replace them, you can still save a lot of money compared to buying disposable batteries. Suitable for your decor or your favorite design. No matter how convenient an appliance is, if it has a jarring look where you need lighting, you're not going to be very happy with it. Bedside Lights Portable Night Lights Bar Atmosphere Lights Rechargeable LED Touch Dining Room Lamps Cordless lights are a true leap forward in home lighting, creating options we never had before. The only problem is that, so far, they are either ugly, expensive, or both. Portable devices have changed all that. We think they are the first rechargeable table lamps.
recessed downlights
recessed downlights


When installing lamps on the ceiling, you need to design in advance, choose the color and material that matches the room, and plan the wiring during installation. The following small series will explain in detail how to install downlights on the ceiling! How to install a downlight from a ceiling - how to install a downlight, punch a round hole in the ceiling according to the size of the opening; unplug the power cord, Match with the power cord of the lamp, note that the wiring must be firm and not easy to loosen; hold the two sides of the lamp mounting shrapnel with your hands, press to the middle, and align with the mounting hole. Push the ceiling; the fixture is positioned on the ceiling by the elasticity of the mounting shrapnel, test the rotating cover, and feel its strength and tightness. Turn off the power when removing the lamp. Grab the lamp socket with your hand, hold the cap down, and pull down firmly. How to Install Downlights on the Ceiling - Downlight Installation Considerations. Immediately after unpacking the downlight, check that the product is in good condition. In the event of any non-human failure or failure caused...
bulbs manufacturers
pirnide tootjad


Made by the men at Edison's Menlo Park factory in the early 1880s, when the Edison lighting system was introduced. These workers include skilled glassblowers and machine operators who make light bulbs, connect wires, operate sophisticated vacuum pumps, and perform other operations. Today's light bulbs are not just about safety but also beauty. Light bulbs produce light through electricity. In addition to illuminating dark spaces, they can be used to show that electronics are on, direct traffic, heat, and many other things. Billions are in use, some even in outer space. Early people used candles and oil lamps for lighting. Crude incandescent lamps were made in the early and mid-19th century but were of little use. Improved vacuum pumps and better materials make them shine longer and brighter later in the century. Power stations send electricity to cities and later rural areas to power them. Later gas discharge lamps, including fluorescent lamps, used less electricity to make more light.  
downlight twins-DL-09-D-15W
allvalgusti twins-DL-09-D-15W


Product Name 1. LED downlight dimmable square dual-recessed 2. downlight two heads 3. downlight twins Item No. DL-09-D-15W Driver External Dimming Driver Wattage 15W Luminous Flux 1100lm Color Rendering Ra90 (Ra97 is optional) Beam Angle 15/24/36/60 Tilting Angle ±350° Dimmable YES Color Temperature 2700K/3000K/4000K/6500K Heatsink Aluminum Alloy Reflector PC Light Source COB Lamp Body Color White/Black Input Voltage(V) AC220~240V SDCM 3 steps Warranty 5-year Flickering Flicker Free Power Factor 0. 85 Dimmability / Size 174*94*41mm Cut-out size φ85*2,L=80mm Install Way Recessed Lifespan 50,000hrs IP Rate IP54 Remarks Dim to Warm/Full Spectrum is optional   "Downlight twins" generally refer to two downlights installed close to each other to provide a greater level of illumination in a space. The twin downlights can be installed side-by-side or one above the other, depending on the design and layout of the space. Twin downlights can be particularly useful for areas that require more focused lighting, such as workspaces, kitchens, or task areas. They can also be used to create a more dramatic lighting effect, for example, when used to highlight a particular feature in a room, such as a piece of artwork or architectural detail. Twin downlights can be installed using the same fixtures and techniques as a...
Surface mounted downlights can be adjusted in multiple directions, allowing the light to swing with the mood
Pinnale paigaldatavaid allvalgusteid saab reguleerida mitmes suunas, võimaldades valgusel vastavalt meeleolule kõikuda


In the process of home improvement, individuals will decorate every corner of the home according to their own preferences, and the choice of lamps should not only meet the basic lighting, but also be integrated into the entire decoration environment in terms of appearance. So we will see different people's homes, the lamps that everyone uses are really strange. The surface mounted downlights are mostly used in various business places, because they can adjust the direction and brightness, so they are used to create a certain atmosphere. When such a product is used in a home improvement environment, it can add a sense of atmosphere to the entire room and can also bring a fresh experience. Surface mounting means that the shape of the entire lamp is visible. The general downlights are inlaid with the entire lamp body hidden in the ceiling of the house. The surface installation is to bring out the entire lamp. And this type of product must be unique in appearance design, so that it can play a decorative role and meet the environmental needs of home improvement. Moreover, the illumination angle of the light source in the downlight can be adjusted, and the brightness of...
How to create a simple and elegant home decoration style for high cri downlights led
Kuidas luua lihtsat ja elegantset kodukaunistamisstiili kõrge kriimustusega led-valgustite jaoks


How to use high cri downlights led to create a simple and generous wooden home decoration style. The simple, simple, and elegant wood structure design style has always attracted everyone with its unique style, but I think here, the light effect of home lighting also plays a vital role, just like this simple wood full of Zen atmosphere. Structure home. Like decoration, the main lighting LED downlight creates an ideal sense of happiness. Let us understand how the downlight led creates a simple and generous wooden home decoration style.     How to create a simple and generous wooden home decoration style? On the level of artificial service lighting, the bedroom also continues the warm and simple style of the front interior space. Anti-glare LED downlights provide this depth of comfort in private spaces. In addition to downlights, the bedroom LED lights also have two small LED track spotlights on the bedroom bed, which are conducive to reading articles before going to bed and urinating lighting fixtures. How to create a simple and generous wooden home decoration style for the restaurant? The dining room area is connected with the large living room, visually making the entire interior space more open....
sea transport certification
meretranspordi sertifikaat


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    lugemislaualambid on pere jaoks tähtsusetu olemasolu, sest tavaline valgustus ei sobi pikaajaliseks lugemiseks, õppimiseks ja töötamiseks. Eriti noortel, kui lamp pole õppeprotsessis hästi valitud, on lühinägelikkus kerge kannatada. Lugemine/kirjutamine toimub silmadega lähedalt ning nõuded valgusele on väga kõrged. Sobiv heledus on väikeses vahemikus (umbes 300Lx) ja peab olema piisavalt stabiilne. Elamurajoonides peaks lugemise/kirjutamise vajaduse korral lisaks laelampidele olema ka laualambid raamatute/lauaarvutite täitmiseks. Samuti peavad lambid eristama päeva- ja õppelampe. Lugemisprotsessis on mugavus tõeline silmade kaitse....

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