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down light ip54-DL-10-ND-7.5W

DL-10 Square Recessed Downlight--Single
Ra97/Full Spectrum (Sunlight)/Dim to Warm is optional
Lifetime up to 50,000hrs, covered by 5 years limited warranty
Non-Dimmable with Lifud external driver
Dimmable with Home Lite external dimming driver can compatible with various dimmers
Tilting Angle: Vertical +-25deg,Horizontal +- 350deg
Full Range Beam Angle supported
Flicker Free with SVM<0.4
Very stable and easy connection for driver box wiring
IP54 rated, suitable for damp locations
Heatsink– Aluminum Alloy
Reflector- PC
Finishing Color – White/Black
Leading edge & trailing edge dimmable
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Introducción del producto
nombre del producto 1. LED downlight square recessed

2. down light ip54

3. downlight led embeded

Artículo No. DL-10-ND-7.5W
Driver External Non-Dimming Driver
Wattage 7.5W
Luminous Flux 580lm
Rendimiento de color Ra90 (Ra97 is optional)
Beam Angle 15/24/36/60
Tilting Angle ±350°
Dimmable NO
Temperatura del color 2700K/3000K/4000K/6500K
Heatsink Aluminum Alloy
Reflector PC
Light Source COB
Lamp Body Color White/Black
Input Voltage(V) AC220~240V
SDCM 3 steps
Warranty 5-year
Flickering Flicker Free
Power Factor 0. 5
Dimmability /
Tamaño 94*94*41mm
Cut-out size φ68~83mm
Install Way Recessed
Lifespan 50,000hrs
Tasa de IP IP54
Remarks Full Spectrum is optional


A downlight with an IP54 rating is designed to provide protection against both dust and water ingress. The IP54 rating is a measure of how well the light fixture can withstand exposure to solid and liquid particles, with the “5” indicating protection against dust and the “4” indicating protection against water splashing from any direction.

Downlights with an IP54 rating are commonly used in areas where moisture and dust are present, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor covered areas. They are ideal for providing high-quality lighting in these areas while also providing protection against the elements.

In addition to the IP54 rating, downlights may also feature other advanced technologies such as adjustable beam angles, dimmable options, and energy-efficient LED lighting. They are also available in a range of styles and designs, including round, square, and adjustable gimbal styles, to suit the decor of the room.


down light ip54 Application:

1.Bathrooms: Downlights with an IP54 rating are ideal for use in bathrooms as they provide protection against moisture and dust. They can be used to provide general lighting, as well as accent lighting around mirrors and vanities.

2.Kitchens: Kitchens can also benefit from downlights with an IP54 rating, as they offer protection against dust and water splashes. They can be used to provide general lighting in the kitchen, as well as accent lighting above the kitchen island or countertop.

3.Outdoor covered areas: Downlights with an IP54 rating can also be used in outdoor covered areas, such as patios or decks. They offer protection against moisture and dust, as well as provide high-quality lighting for outdoor gatherings and activities.

4.Commercial settings: Downlights with an IP54 rating can be used in commercial settings such as retail spaces and hospitality venues, where moisture and dust can be present. They can be used to provide high-quality lighting that is both energy-efficient and cost-effective.

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