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Elegir una lámpara de mesa de estudio de alta calidad puede brindarle un ambiente cómodo

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Read and learn the best lighting tips

We recommend that you should not read in dim light if you want to study or get more information. But we still have some suggestions for you!

One piece of advice you should keep in mind is that brighter bulbs, with a lower range of white and natural light, are best for reading and studying. This is equivalent to 4000K to 6500K.

You will find yourself feeling more awake and ready to receive information. Also, make sure you know which light design is best for your work and room. Longer LED bulbs distribute light evenly over a larger area.

A small spotlight keeps light in a specific area, which means you may need to move your book or device around to read and study.



More Advice on Choosing the Best Desk Lamp for Studying or Reading

Some features to consider before buying a light bulb include:

Flexibility and Design

Modern lamps have a choice of flexible or swivel arms and heads, allowing you to easily customize your lighting. A more traditional lamp, the kind you often see in living room shades, will only cast light in the area where it is placed. For most people, a modern portable lamp from the Peach tronics series is the first choice.

Darkening and color temperature

Being able to dim your lights is a useful feature, as you may only need a small amount of extra light in the early evening.

If your lights are on at maximum brightness, excessive brightness can be harmful to your eyes. Likewise, choosing the right color temperature for your environment will have an impact on your environment and the use of lights.



Brightness and Glare Protection

Ideally, as we suggested above, you should find a light with a 4000K to 6500K bulb. For general reading and study, look for 6-9 watts about 450 lm.
Anti-glare products, such as Taoxiang Eye Protection Desk Lamp (TT-DL13), can also help you take care of your eyes during long study sessions.

Energy Consumption and Lifespan

You need a light that will last 50,000 hours, so you only need to replace the bulb every 6 years or so!

This will mean longer lifespans – not only better for your wallet, but also better for the environment.

Choosing a good study table lamp can protect your eyes and improve your study efficiency.

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