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Downlight twins, the protagonist halo in life

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What is a downlight, a vertical luminous fixture with the light facing down. What is a downlight twin? It is a spotlight, and its light is also vertical. But the difference with the downlight is to adjust the direction of the light so that it can shine on the place you want. Play the role of highlighting lighting.

Nowadays, in our lives, the use of lights is not to pursue a situation where the lights can be used in the whole house, but to adjust the scope and angle of our lights according to the needs of actual use. Therefore, the downlight and his twin brother’s spotlight gradually occupied the C position of the home light from the original corner position. The different ways of using lights are highlighted from the details. It also adds a sense of atmosphere to the lighting at home.

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When choosing downlights and spotlights, the size of the shading angle is also a science. Under the same brightness, the shading angle is too small, then glare will be formed. At this time, people will feel dazzling, and when the shading angle is large , The user can sit within the range of the shading angle, and the light will be concentrated in the area of ​​use, without causing dazzling effects. Whether in the bedroom or in the living room, you can create a suitable viewing effect by setting the angle of the spotlight.


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In life, the downlight twins are mostly used in the bedroom. In the quiet night, a small lamp illuminates the reading self, quiet and bright. In other design fields, spotlights create different light atmospheres through different angles, bringing more refined shooting effects. Even if we are at home, we can let the light shine on ourselves, because you are the protagonist in life, and you can create whatever lighting effects you want.

What is needed in life is not only the spirit of fighting, but also the ability to enjoy life. What a light brings is not only the light in life, but also our attitude towards the world. In our own lives, we have always been the protagonists.

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