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Home Lite has been deeply involved in the lighting industry, hiring well-known designer with Red Dot award, and launched series of high-quality products. Home Lite has cultivated and gathered a strong R&D team with excellent talent on industrial design, optical design, structural design, electronic design and other aspects, having the ability to quickly customize high-level lighting products for customers, having rich practical experience and core technology patents.

ODM ability

Home Lite has developed steadily. The team has 15 years’ experience in the lighting industry. The team has long-term ODM experience for famous international brands, has mastered the core resources of high-quality supply chain, and is committed to continuous improvement of product quality and services. Our product design and quality is always higher than local national and regional mandatory standards and gained market recognition with the reputation of quality.


Home Lite trade the quality as the most important things, when design the new products we tested from different aspects, and most products do CE test in Dekra Lab. We do 4-24hours aging test for every lamp before the dispatch. The company is in a period of rapid development, with an annual production capability of 1.5 million pieces of fixtures. In the future, but with very slim complain.

downlight led dimbar

What is LED downlight?
LED downlights are essentially ceiling-mounted spotlights that provide bright, directional light. Since the accessories are set back to the ceiling surface, it is less noticeable than a traditional spotlight and can stylishly complete any room.

How do you know how many downlights you need?
When using LED downlights for general lighting, it is important to ensure that enough lights are installed to adequately illuminate the room. Once these are covered, deciding on the exact number of downlights to install comes down to personal preference.

A rule of thumb is to install one LED downlight per square meter, leaving one meter of space between each light and half a meter of space between the light and each wall. This means that in a 3m x 3m room, nine downlights would be ideal for a bright, even light distribution.

However, the lumen output and beam angle of LED downlights do provide some flexibility. Downlights with larger beam angles provide a wider spread of light, so you can get away with installing fewer lights.

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  • hotel table lamp
    hotel table lamp

    Table lamps for hotels and restaurants should be bright, durable, and stylish. Our commercial lighting line has everything you need to outfit your business with the perfect lamps. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to find the perfect look fo...

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    high quality dimmable touch table lamp

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  • gu10 lamp
    gu10 lamp

    GU10" refers to the type of fitting these bulbs have. Two short square pins protrude from the bottom of the bulb. Like the bayonet cap, this is a "push and twist" fitting (although GU10 spotlight bulbs do not fit BC fittings and vice versa). Be caref...

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  • led table lamp near me
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    LED sources are prominent because they are long-lasting. Top-of-the-line LED bulbs are solid-state devices lasting for 10 years plus. The longer lifespan also has a positive impact on the environment, since less lamps and fixtures end up as waste. LE...

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    bedside table lamp with Bluetooth speaker

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    wireless mini bar table lamp for bedroom

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    gu10 spotlight fixture

    Have you ever struggled to find a good lighting solution? Have you ever had to give up the opportunity to use lights in order to save electricity? If you are looking for a product that can solve these problems, then the gu10 spotlight fixture is what...

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  • track light gu10
    track light gu10

    Led lamp 1. Energy-saving: The power consumption of the same brightness is 1/4 of that of ordinary energy-saving lamps. 2. Environmental protection: It does not contain harmful substances such as mercury, and does not pollute the environment. (Expert...

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