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Dimmable GU10 Bulb-GU10 Pro(201068)

Full Spectrum (Sunlight)/Dim to Warm is optional
Lifetime up to 40,000hrs, covered by 5 years limited warranty
Excellent dimming performance on various dimmers
Full Range Beam Angle supported
Flicker Free with SVM<0.4
5.5W Suitable for various closed fixtures
CE issued by Dekra
Heatsink– Aluminum Alloy
Reflector- PC
Finishing Color - Silver
Leading edge & trailing edge dimmable

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Product Introduction
Product Name 1. Dimmable GU10 Bulb

2. Dimmable GU10 Spotlights

3. Dimmable GU10 downlights

Item No. GU-01(201068)
Wattage 6.8W
Luminous Flux 480lm
Color Rendering Ra97
Beam Angle 15/24/36/60
Dimmable YES
Color Temperature 2700K/3000K/4000K/6500K
Heatsink Aluminum Alloy
Reflector PC
Light Source COB
Lamp Body Color Silver
Input Voltage(V) AC220~240V/AC120V
SDCM 3 steps
Warranty 5-year
Flickering Flicker Free
Power Factor 0.85
Dimmability Leading Edge & Trailing Edge
Size φ54*50mm
Suitable for Closed Fixture NO
Certification CE issued by Dekra
Lifespan 40,000hrs


A dimmable GU10 bulb is a type of LED bulb that is designed to be used with a dimmer switch. The bulb is typically shaped like a cylinder and has two pins that fit into a GU10 socket. The bulb emits a bright, white light that can be adjusted to different levels of brightness using a compatible dimmer switch.

The main advantage of a dimmable GU10 bulb is that it allows you to adjust the lighting level in a room to create the desired ambiance. For example, you can use a dimmer switch to lower the brightness of the bulb when you want a more relaxed or intimate atmosphere, such as during a movie night or a romantic dinner. Similarly, you can increase the brightness when you need to work or read.

In addition to being dimmable, GU10 bulbs are also energy-efficient and long-lasting, making them a cost-effective lighting solution. They emit less heat than traditional incandescent bulbs and have a longer lifespan, which means you will need to replace them less frequently.

Overall, a dimmable GU10 bulb is a versatile and energy-efficient lighting solution that can be adjusted to meet your specific lighting needs and preferences. Whether you want bright light for working or a soft glow for relaxation, a dimmable GU10 bulb can help you create the perfect ambiance in any room.


Dimmable GU10 Bulb Advantage:

1.Customizable lighting: The main advantage of a dimmable GU10 bulb is that it allows you to adjust the lighting level to create the desired ambiance in a room. You can lower the brightness for a relaxed and cozy atmosphere or increase it for tasks that require more light.

2.Energy-efficient: Dimmable GU10 bulbs are energy-efficient and use less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs. This means that you can save money on your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

3.Long-lasting: GU10 LED bulbs have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, which means you will need to replace them less frequently. This can save you money on replacements and reduce waste.

4.Safe and cool to the touch: Dimmable GU10 bulbs emit less heat than traditional bulbs, which makes them safer and cooler to the touch. This can be especially beneficial in households with children or pets.

5.Versatile: Dimmable GU10 bulbs come in a variety of brightness levels and color temperatures, which makes them suitable for a wide range of lighting applications. They can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even outdoors.

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