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How to choose a study table lamp that protects your eyes

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Whether you are studying, working, reading or writing at home, you need a designated workstation with a table lamp that provides clear and bright light. Working long hours in dim light can strain your eyes and reduce your productivity.

Things to consider when buying a lamp bwrdd astudio

light quality
When choosing a table lamp in the study room, you should choose a table lamp with a light bulb and clear and bright light. LED lights are a popular choice because they are energy efficient (up to 90% less than standard bulbs) and versatile. When choosing lamps for your own study space, you must pay attention to the following two characteristics:

Color Rendering Index (CRI): This is a measure of how true a color is to a given light source. This feature is especially important for table lamps, as the ability to observe contrast is crucial when working and studying. Look for LED lights with a high CRI rating (preferably between 85 and 100). Color temperature: This is a measure of how light looks. It refers to how “warm” or “cold” the light appears to be. LED lights with a color temperature range of 2700 K to 4500 K provide a pleasant clarity of light and work below.



It’s best to place the light where it won’t cast shadows on the tabletop while you’re working or studying. If you’re right-handed, place the light source on the left side of the table to avoid shadows and vice versa. If your computer is placed on a table, make sure you purchase a lamp that can illuminate the table and keyboard without causing any glare on the computer screen.

The general rule is that the light source should never be in your line of sight. It must be placed on your head, but away from your eyes.
A setting that is too low may not provide enough coverage for your work area, and a setting that is too high will cause the light to become too diffuse.


switch position
It’s best not to buy a light fixture that requires multiple extension cords or is extremely difficult to connect to power. Turning the light on and off in the study room is not difficult at all. Some good switch options include basic switches, touch operation, and zippers.

For example, it makes it convenient for quick reading in the dark. A useful lamp that is also portable and can be easily moved, starting from one table and then moving to another according to our current needs.
Obviously, we have the best study lights around, not just for decoration, because the reason for such a source of lighting is to make good use of light.
Hope you can find the study table lamp that suits you.

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