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Brighten up your back garden with garden spotlights

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Are you making the most of your outdoor space?

Smart and stylish outdoor lighting can make all the difference, helping you focus on the best features (and away from the not-so-good ones!). And add extra security measures. Here’s what we should consider when choosing spotlights for your garden.

What do you hope your garden spotlights will accomplish?

Spotlights are different from other forms of outdoor lighting in that they can create drama and enhance the ambiance of a space by drawing your attention to specific areas. Whether that means accentuating the most attractive parts of the garden, creating interesting shades, or bringing an even distribution of light in open areas, spotlights can be a great addition to any garden.

Depending on what you want your spotlights to achieve, you need to consider how bright they need to be, the direction the light should come in, and then how much protection these accessories need to withstand the test of time.



How bright does it need to be?

Thanks to the widespread adoption of LED technology, wattage is now less important when determining the “brightness” of lighting. Instead, it’s better to think about luminous flux, which tells you the total amount of light produced by a light source.

Since spotlights are often used to direct light toward a feature, you may need a higher light output than a lantern that spreads light evenly in all directions.

Consider the position and direction of the light

When using spotlights, you need to carefully consider the position and direction of the light, especially if there is a risk of causing glare or directing light into neighbor windows. If you’re worried about this, it’s best to go for a walk around the garden or building in the evening when everything is ready. Where you place them also affects the overall appearance of the garden.

Intelligently positioned directional lighting can accentuate particularly impressive architectural features, or bring light into darker areas of the garden for safety.

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