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You may be familiar with terms like “cool white” and “warm white” lighting, as you see on standard incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. If you read the fine print on the back of the bulb package, you might even find the estimated color temperature in degrees Kelvin.

Most commercial lighting is somewhere between 2000K and 6000K, but two color temperature levels dominate. Around 2700K is usually expressed as “warm white” or “soft white”. The bulbs are designed to resemble typical incandescent bulbs, providing an orange, cozy, “warm” light, just like at grandma’s house. Warm light is considered the most comfortable, warm light for use in the home. Beyond the look of a room, the color temperature of your lights can have some subtle and not-so-subtle effects on the way you live and work.

The black spotlights in our home are particularly suitable for domestic or commercial lighting, both in terms of design and lighting. We have many years of experience and professional designers in design.



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