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Home Lite has been deeply involved in the lighting industry, hiring well-known designer with Red Dot award, and launched series of high-quality products. Home Lite has cultivated and gathered a strong R&D team with excellent talent on industrial design, optical design, structural design, electronic design and other aspects, having the ability to quickly customize high-level lighting products for customers, having rich practical experience and core technology patents.

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Home Lite has developed steadily. The team has 15 years’ experience in the lighting industry. The team has long-term ODM experience for famous international brands, has mastered the core resources of high-quality supply chain, and is committed to continuous improvement of product quality and services. Our product design and quality is always higher than local national and regional mandatory standards and gained market recognition with the reputation of quality.


Home Lite trade the quality as the most important things, when design the new products we tested from different aspects, and most products do CE test in Dekra Lab. We do 4-24hours aging test for every lamp before the dispatch. The company is in a period of rapid development, with an annual production capability of 1.5 million pieces of fixtures. In the future, but with very slim complain.

bedside table lamp with Bluetooth speaker

Perfect for when you work and when you need to relax, this LED table lamp provides clear, focused light and incredible sound. You don’t have to sit in silence anymore. The high-quality Bluetooth speaker on the base has a full 10m reception range to connect any phone or device. For convenience, the integrated USB port lets you charge compatible devices from arm’s length.

Compact and versatile, this lamp can be easily installed on a nightstand, table, or lounge area. It uses LEDs that last up to 20 hours, so you can keep a budget-friendly, well-lit space. Bedside table lamp with stylish design.

About this item
😄Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: Gift for Valentine’s Day! This night light bluetooth speaker support all bluetooth device. connect it with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, then you can enjoy the music and answer the phone call hands-freely. It is a music player: with TF(micro SD) card slot, you can play mp3 / mp4 format files from the TF card.

👶Relaxing Night Light Everyday: This amazing lamp can turn into different colors after your like, they can also be dimmed for extra romance feeling. They can make you sleep better and release your stress from a hectic day.

🕐Alarm Clock: There is a sleep mode which the light and music will stop automatically after the corresponding setting time.(10-120minutes), The clock only support 12-hour system.

🎁Gift Choice: This amazing Lamp with Bluetooth speaker and a clock is a great gift for your mom, dad, sibling, living partner or friend. Give it away for Christmas, birthdays, graduation, fathers or mother’s day or any other suitable occasion.

our product bedside table lamp with Bluetooth speaker

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