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About the application and function of gu10 LED bulb dimmable

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The standard of living is gradually improving in a day, and more and more consumers have higher and higher requirements for household lamps. The gu10 bulbs manufacturers recommends an environmentally friendly gu10 LED bulb that can reduce environmental pollution and damage to the light.

gu10 light bulb application:
Mainly suitable for TV news studios, virtual studios, interview studios, theaters, electronic classrooms, various meeting rooms, multi-function halls and other places as functional lighting, and LED spotlights follow the traditional professional halogen Fresnel The design concept and use method of ear lens spotlights, with high power density LED modules and efficient aspherical focusing system, only use one-tenth of the power of traditional tungsten halogen spotlights to achieve the same optical performance, and continue It has the necessary functions of focusing system and cover for professional spotlights.

The role of the gu10 LED bulb:
First: gu10 bulbs have the effect of energy saving. The power consumption of led spotlights gu10 is 10% lower than that of ordinary incandescent lamps, which is well-chosen and loved by consumers.

Second: The light source of gu10 is made of led light source, and its service life is up to 40,000 hours. If you buy our gu10 bulb manufacturer, you will enjoy a 5-year limited warranty. At the same time, whether it is in a bright place or a dark place, it has excellent dimming performance, which can effectively protect the eyes and avoid excessive light that may cause irritation and damage to the eyes.

Third: The switch of our gu10 bulb is made with high-tech technology values, which can avoid the damage caused by frequent switching on the basis. Some consumers think that the led spotlight gu10 has the characteristics of rich colors after use, whether it is It can be used in any occasion, and different light colors can be selected according to different occasions.

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